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  • 5 Things That Will Stress You Out When Moving

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  • Published Date: October 27, 2021
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No one said moving is easy. Some people experience extreme stress from the whole process. Moving to a new place can be daunting for some people, while some may just get anxious from all the packing.

According to a study, some people rate moving much more stressful than divorce, which says something about it. Especially if you are moving an office in Singapore, because then that is a whole new story.

People move for various reasons. Some may move for better job opportunities, some move into a bigger house, some move after getting married or committed.

For some people, moving means starting a new chapter of their life, but for some, it means the opposite. Some people have to move because they have lost their jobs, and some have to move because they are getting divorced.

Moving is already complicated, and when it is coupled with life-altering scenarios, the whole transition process becomes extra stressful. Let us identify the main stress-inducing factors when moving and come up with ways to cope with them.

Fear of the unknown

Many people report fear of the unknown as the main reason behind the stress they face. Moving into a new place with new neighbors and no one to hang around with can be a bit daunting at first. We understand that it might take some time to adjust to the new place, but hey, it is doable.

Think of all the new possibilities and opportunities waiting for you. Think of all the new people you will befriend and all the new places you will explore. It will help ease you into the new place.

The comfort zone

Leaving your house means you are leaving your comfort zone. Some people feel stressed at the thought of leaving a place they used to call home. They get emotionally attached to the house unknowingly even if they know that it is temporary.

The thought of leaving your comfort zone can be a major stress inducer at the time of moving. This thought can make you reluctant to move. It can also be the reason behind your procrastination and putting off tasks like packing and sorting your stuff.

Think of the move as a new chapter of your life. Think of it as the start of a new beginning, harbour positive feelings in your mind.

List of task

Moving is an elaborate process. You have to make a plan and schedule everything so that you are ready when the day arrives. Some people may find moving overwhelming. They physically are unable to do all the chores by themselves, which mentally stresses them out.

What you can do is ask for help from your friends and family. Ask if they can lend you a hand and help you organize, pack, and label boxes. Delegate tasks to everyone so that no one becomes overburdened. If you can afford it, enlisting the help of a moving company is highly recommended for a smooth, seamless transition to your new house. Many storage companies provide full service and let you enjoy the new phase of your life.

They expertly pack and transport everything to your specified location. If you want to keep your stuff at their storage units temporarily, that option is also available. Many companies have storage facilities in every major area, including Brighton storage, Surrey storage, and Brompton storage.

The unpacking

The moving process can be broken down into two phases. Phase one is when you leave your current place, and phase two starts when you arrive at your new residence. Many people get anxious at phase two as they have already burned out all their energy in phase one.

Unpacking and dissembling everything takes just as much energy as it takes to pack everything. To make this process hassle-free, you can prepare beforehand. Make an inventory of all the boxes when you are packing.

Number the boxes and prepare a list of the contents along with the numbers. This step will help you immensely when you are all tired and looking for a specific thing, you will know which box contains what.

The settling

Settling down into a new place takes much more than a positive attitude and social skills. Some people may find it daunting that they have no friends or don’t know anyone. You can get stressed out at the thought of setting up your house from scratch and making it aesthetically pleasing.

What you can do is start preparing for the move months in advance. Join online communities of that area and make online friends before your move. Learn about the history and culture of the new place to familiarize yourself.

As far as setting the house goes, take it one room at a time. Slowly add new curtains, cushions, and throws. You can gradually add new furniture and home appliances. What’s the rush?

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