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Flow measurement requires determining the movement of a liquid or gas via a pipe or channel.

The devices used to determine a liquid or gas’s mass or volumetric flow rate are mechanical flow meters, differential pressure-based meters, variable area meters, electromagnetic flow meters, and thermal mass flow meters. Continue reading to know various types of flow instruments in industries.

Coriolis Flowmeters

This flow instrumentation majorly measures the mass, volume, with the density of liquid and gases flowing via the pipe. Use Coriolis flowmeters for viscous, aggressive, or shear-sensitive media in sanitary applications. Provides Coriolis mass flowmeters with a twin bent or straight-line made, with models made for advanced methods with high capacity bulk measurement applications.

Differential Pressure Flowmeters

Differential pressure flowmeters measure fluid flow through a pipe by introducing a restriction that leads to a pressure drop, like an orifice plate or venturi. These flowmeters operate with several liquids with gases however are not suggested for high viscosity media. Our inventory of differential pressure flow meters are models from KROHNE, Autrol, Orange Research with RCM.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Electromagnetic flowmeters are made to determine the flow of conductive fluids in a pipe. These flow meters are unaffected with fluid pressure, temperature, and viscosity and compatible with contaminated fluids. It offers electromagnetic flowmeters from KROHNE.

Flow Indicators

Flow indicators are instruments that are used to indicate and measure flow via a pipe or system visually. This type of flow instrumentation is compatible with fluids, chemicals, oils, with gases. They provide flow indicators in several styles with models from KROHNE, Gems, Dwyer, and RCM.

Metering Pumps

Chemical metering pumps are mostly used in water treatment applications for dosing chemicals and handling viscous chemicals with slurries. Some applications are reverse osmosis filtering systems that treat water for boilers, cooling towers, and other commercial heating and cooling equipment. They provide several styles of electronic and motor-driven metering pumps.

Thermal Dispersion Flowmeters

Thermal mass flowmeters can be inserted, and highly sensitive flow instrumentation can measure fluids and gases in closed conduits. The inventory is several models from WIKA, TURCK, and Eldridge Products.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Ultrasonic flowmeters detect volume flow by measuring the velocity of a fluid as it flows via a pipe. This non-intrusive style of flow instrumentation is best for wastewater applications with others involving dirty, water-based fluids. The inventory is ultrasonic flow meters from KROHNE.

Flow Control Valves

Flow control valves monitor the flow of fluid or gas in a pipe either manually or through the use of a pneumatically or electrically operated actuator. Styles are backflow and cross-connection valves, the manual ball with butterfly valves, automated ball, and butterfly shutter valves. Branom will work with you to produce the flow control valves that your application needs.

Variable Area Flowmeters

Variable area flowmeters work at a constant pressure drop and need no power to determine the flow of fluids with gases. The simple way of these flowmeters consists of a tapered glass tube with a float that moves up or down based on flow rate. Branom stocks have some varieties of variable area flowmeters from KROHNE, Dwyer, & WIKA.

Vortex Flow Meters

These versatile volume flow instruments are majorly used in utility, chemical, petrochemical with energy management applications. They provide vortex flow meters from KROHNE. Vortex flowmeters detect all three phases of a liquid, enabling them suitable for applications involving fluids, gases with steam.

Flow Accessories

Flow accessories provide transmitters, displays, switches, controllers, and other machines to control and enhance the performance of your flow instrumentation. The team usually enables you to get the best solutions for your flow measurement application.

Choosing Flow Instrumentation Based on Your Application Needs

The type of equipment required for your flow measurement process depends on the type of application and requirements. The conditions such as minimum with maximum flow rates, the size of the meter needed, and material compatibility with your working environment.

Flow Measurement Rates for Gases may be based on various Engineering Units.

  • Actual cubic feet per minute
  • Normal cubic feet per minute
  • Thousand standard cubic meters per second
  • Linear feet per minute
  • Million standard cubic feet per day

Measuring the flow rate of liquids may need many various engineering units.

  • Gallons in a minute
  • Liters in a minute
  • Bushels per minute
  • Cubic meters per minute
  • Acre-feet per day


It will be more beneficial for flow meter measurement to utilize flow instrumentation that measures the mass flow rate.

This will automatically remain the same regardless of the temperature or pressure provided.

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