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  • What Are The Benefits of Liquid Flow Meter And Flow Switches?

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In the modern world, high tech liquid flow meters and flow switches are among the innovative tools made in the industry. They help to meet the need for precise and exact gauging of fluids. Also, these creations have led to the improvement of many industries. Flow meters are now used for various applications, some of which no one could have imagined.

Various flow meters are built to fit fluids dynamics. They have features that adapt to the fluid’s sliminess, density, heat, and other properties. In this article, you will learn more about some of the merits of using liquid sensors and flow switches.

Pros of Using Liquid Flow Meters

Liquid meters have a lot of gains. One of the merits is that it can be used in many firms. They include the paints, grease, and coating sector. They are also used in chemical, fuel, oil, food and beverage firms, and petrochemical industries.

Liquid flow meters are ideal for educative use in engineering plans. The tools are also vital in housing projects to track the amount of water used.

The liquid meters help in testing the speed of a liquid as well as its use. The tools are also crucial in saving water that is wasted by discovering the leakage spots in pipes.

When it comes to liquid flow meters, there are many designs ready in the market. Each type of liquid meter has its specific gains. Some of the main types of liquid sensors and their pros are:

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

  • These meters have no extra force drop.
  • These meters are stable since they have no moving parts.
  • There is low sustaining needed.
  • It has no barred flow channel.
  • Mass, heat, and density don’t affect transit time meters.

Turbine Flow Meters

  • The Rotating Vane and Woltman meters require no extra power.
  • They are ideal for cryogenic liquids.
  • Turbine meters bear high force and heat.

Differential Pressure Flow Meters

  • The meter can change the range
  • These devices are ideal for gas and stream gauging.
  • It can cope with extreme force and heat.
  • The meter has a low force drop for nozzles.

Coriolis Flow Meters

  • Coriolis meters give accurate gauging of mass flow.
  • They set a measuring range based on flow rate and density.
  • These tools have the extra gauging ability of density and heat.
  • They allow a bi-directional flow of liquid.
  • Coriolis meters are very self-draining.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

  • Thermal mass sensors are easy to clean.
  • The tools give high accuracy in gauging.
  • Thermal meters directly measure gas flow.
  • Have quick response time.

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

  • It is simple to manage due to its low sustenance cost.
  • The device comes with fixed parts making it durable.
  • It is not affected by the pollution of the liquid.
  • The tool can work on both charges.
  • It can cope with changes in density, viscosity, heat, and electrical conductivity.

Merits of Flow Switches

Flow switches are reliable tools for gauging the flow rate of fluids. They can be used in many industrial uses as well as biomedical, among others. They also give versatility and accuracy. Some flow switches are used to actuate visual, audible alarms, and even relays, to mention but a few. You can also use them to recover vapor hose hookup verification.

Flow switches are classified based on the elements they measure. There are flow switches for liquids, gases, and solids. Liquid flow switches have various uses.

Firstly, they can be used in hot water heating systems, pump systems, blending, and addictive systems. Other uses are: for air conditioning, water-cooled tools, liquid transfer systems, industrial laser coolant sector, and fire sprinkler systems, among others.

Some flow switches, such as magnetic flow, are very vital when it comes to wastewater systems. They also need no extra seals.

For airflow switches, they are ideal for duct type heating, air supply systems, air handling sectors, and clean room filter systems. Other notable benefits of using liquid flow switches are:

  • Stable and durable parts

Flow switches such as Calorimetric switches have no moving parts, which makes them free from wear and tear, enabling it to work with contaminated media.

  • They need less power to operate.

Some switches work non-stop on batteries for the longest time possible.

  • They give an immediate response.
  • Flow switches are immune to acid media.

That is because they are made from stainless steel, titanium, Monel, among other metals.

  • They need low to nil maintenance.

Flow switches like Calorimetric switches need cyclic cleaning only when the medium is sticky.

  • Have the ability to work with electrically non-conductive media like grease and oil
  • They have a low force drop.
  • Flow switches have both digital and analog output.
  • They are very cheap to get and are readily available in the market due to their high tech inventions.
  • Most flow switches can cope with change in media density, conductivity, as well as heat.
  • Their set point is only subject to flow and not to force or heat.
  • In some designs, indicative use alerts the user if the meter defect occurs.


Typically, the main contrast between a flow meter and a flow switch is the way they operate. For instance, a liquid flow meter gauges the flow rate of liquids while flow switches detect the presence of flow.

As you have seen in this guide, both the liquid flow meter and flow switches have many merits. But, there are also some cons to these tools that you need to know before buying them.

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