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  • This Is How to Become a Comedian

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Ever wondered how much comedians can earn? Kevin Hart holds the top spot on Forbes’ highest-paid comedian’s list. In the year to June 2019, he earned $59 million and that’s no joke.

So, you’re trying to figure out how to become a comedian? You’re in luck! Read on to learn what you need to do.

Be Funny

It might seem obvious but being funny is essential in a comedian. Successful comedians earn millions because they make people laugh and audiences are prepared to pay good money for a good laugh.

Some people seem to have a talent for making people laugh. Whether it be clowning around or dry witty comments if you make people laugh perhaps you’ve got what it takes. But, it’s important to recognize that being funny isn’t enough.

Be Confident

Stand-up takes some nerve. Speaking in public is a very common fear. Overcoming that fear is a prerequisite for success as a comedian.

Imagine an audience squirming in their seats as a nervous comedian stumbles through their routine. It might inspire pity but it’s unlikely to raise a laugh. Confidently handling hecklers and turning around a tough crowd takes confidence and self-belief.

It’s likely that you’ll have some setbacks on your journey to success. You need to have some resilience to bounce back.

Develop a Style

The range of comedic styles is huge. The crazy antics of Jim Carey couldn’t be more different than the gentle wit of Ellen DeGeneres. Choose a style that suits your personality and work out how to be funny in that style.

Develop Timing

Study any funny comedians and you’ll discover the importance of comic timing. Say the same lines with different timing and the joke won’t work. Hone your timing skills by listening to great comedians and emulating their timing.

Develop Material

Not all comedians tell jokes. Some tell stories that don’t seem to have actual jokes but still make you laugh. Develop material that works with your comedic style.

Put together smaller jokes or observations that build up into a more substantial piece of material. Consider how to set up a joke, engaging your audience, and concluding with a pay-off.

Get Experience

You can tell your jokes to your bedroom mirror to improve your delivery but there’s nothing like a live audience for testing yourself. Try out material on friends and family. Progress on to open mic nights or amateur gigs.

Market Yourself

Getting gigs can be difficult if you have little experience. Use open mike opportunities to build relationships with other comedians, agents, and bookers.

You may have to do non-paying gigs to start with. They may be an opportunity to build relationships with club owners and bookers. Marketing yourself includes developing personal relationships with people in the comedy industry.

Social media can also be a way of marketing yourself. Deliver some of your material on YouTube and develop an audience on Twitter if you want to increase your reach.

Keep Learning How to Become a Comedian

Keep practicing and improving and don’t let up. Take the hard knocks and have a sense of humor about it all. That’s how to become a comedian.

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