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Figure skating is one of the most popular sports or games in the world. There are many different figure skates to choose from on the market. Groups, couples, or individual athletes may compete in local, national, or international skating events for cash and prizes.

To be a successful figure skater, you will need more than just skill and determination. You also need the right attire and equipment to perform at your best.

Ice hockey skates and figure skates may share certain similarities. However, one key difference is that figure skates have jagged and large teeth known as toe picks situated on the front blade section.

Here, we will discuss what you need to know when buying figure skates.

What to consider before you buy your next pair of figure skates?

Beginner or advanced?

Before buying your figure skates, you need to consider the different types of figure skating and which one you will be competing in. Beginner skaters will usually spend two hours per week on the ice.

A solid pair of beginner boots should be snug, have a classic design, and provide ample support. A beginner skater will learn forward stroking and crossovers, two-foot spins, swizzles, stopping, gliding and other basic steps.

A professional figure skater is an advanced competitor. Their sets are more difficult, and the training is also more intense. Additional emphasis is placed on injury prevention, as an injury can be career-ending.

A professional skater may focus on single and double jumps. Flying spins, combination doubles, complex footwork, and lower-level triples are likely going to be part of their training regimen.

If the professional finds a brand they trust and that works for them, they will rarely switch to another brand. A proper break-in can only be achieved with optimal flexibility. Knee bend also needs to be adequate to facilitate the appropriate jump propulsion.

As can be seen, there is a myriad of differences between beginner and advanced skaters. You should play it safe and begin with a beginner skating kit. Once you have learned from the best, you can move to the next level.

Professional-level figure skating championships are serious business, with cash, sponsorships, endorsements, medals, and glory on the line. The absolute best equipment is needed to help elite athletes increase their chances of winning.

As an Olympic sport, figure skating consists of a bevy of different and interesting disciplines. Singles competitions involve individual men and women. Spirals, spins, jumps, and step sequences may be a part of their program.

Pair skating usually consists of a man and a woman working together. Side-by-side spins and jumps may be attempted. The man may also throw the woman into the air via throw jumps.

Ice dance couples focus on close dance holds and intricate footwork synchronized to the music during the dance.

Popular Brands and Different Kinds of Figure Skates

Jackson Ultima is one of the global leaders in the skating industry. Many Olympic skaters and athletes, such as Nathan Chen, use their products. Their blades are durable and of the highest quality.

Their custom figure skates utilize state-of-the-art heat moldable technology. Edea is used by some of the best female and male skaters worldwide, including Evgenia Medvedeva and Yuzuru Hanyu.

They are known for their unique designs and top-of-the-line tech. Their skates are not only shock absorbent but also fully customizable. Their skates also provide more comfort and control, thanks to their ultra-lightweight build.

Riedell has been an industry leader for nearly a century. Their skates go through a rigorous 125-step production process! Their skates are comfortable and reliable and worn by Olympic medallists, including Vincent Zhou and Guillame Cizeron.

The Edea Ice Fly is designed for quads and triple jumps. It is currently the lightest skating boot available in the industry. Its ultra-modern design is considered a breakthrough in the sport, and the Edea Ice Fly boot is intended for athletes who strive for excellence.

Look no further than the Edea Ice Fly if you want skates that offer flexibility, elegance, and grace with every performance. The Edea Concerto is designed for male skaters, providing additional support for lifts and throws.

The Jackson Ultima Mystique JS1595 has a synthetic lining that is both durable and comfortable. Added flexibility is provided thanks to a flex notch, and each set comes with all-purpose chrome blades affixed with reliable screws.

The Riedell Elara is cut and abrasion-resistant and boasts impressive tensile strength. It will also not absorb moisture, and the snug heel fit allows for superior control. Impact absorption is also provided thanks to a cork-leather heel.

How to Choose The Right and Perfect Pair of Skates

You need to choose the right skates for optimal safety, support, and performance. You need to select the right brand and size for your unique contours.

You also need to choose the right blades and the right boots. Your age, gender, height, weight, foot size and shape, skill level, and budget will also play a role in choosing your skates.

You may go through a trial and error or growing pains phase as you try on different pairs of skates. Eventually, you will come across a pair that will speak to your needs.

Remember that many brands offer customizable skates custom-tailored to your unique needs and preferences. If your feet need special supports or uniquely shaped insoles, you can explore customization options to find the best fit possible.

This is Only the Beginning

Every skater starts with a single step on the ice. By choosing the right pair of skates, you will start your journey on the right foot. While setbacks may be demoralizing, they are necessary for growing up and becoming a better athlete.

With enough dedication and support, you should become a formidable athlete that can compete at the highest levels.

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