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  • What Are the Most Famous Sneaker Brands?

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People often use the terms “tennis shoes”, “trainers”, “gym shoes”, and “sneakers” as if they all referred to the same thing. Technically speaking, while similar, sneakers and tennis shoes are not the same thing. However, no matter what you personally call them, there’s no denying that the brand of sneakers someone wears can be a defining element of their casual style.

So, re-tie your shoelaces, slip on your slip-on shoes, and Velcro your straps because we’re about to discuss the most famous sneaker brands of all time.


When it comes to famous sneaker brands, it’s hard to top the prevalence of this German-based shoe company. While the three-striped brand started by Adolf Dassler once struggled to get a slice of the pie cut by Nike’s swoosh (more on them later), it’s come to dominate the shoe market.

This is in part due to its constant innovation in the field of athletic shoes, patenting cooling technologies, and supportive soles. However, it’s also due to their tendency towards high-profile celebrity collaborations and their willingness to stick with classic, tried and true styles.

Let’s face it, you’re not buying sneakers anywhere without seeing those three stripes on a classic leather silhouette.


If there’s one thing the Puma brand proves, it’s that you should never go into business with family. While Adolf Dassler took the Adidas brand and ran with it, his brother Rudolf Dassler split off from him after a major disagreement and started Puma in 1948.

This brand may not get anywhere near the amount of attention larger sneaker companies do. However, the sheer resolve and pettiness required to start a rival shoe company and headquarter it in the same town as your brother’s business deserve a certain amount of respect.


Vans is, compared to the first two brands, a newer player on the market. They skated onto the scene in the nineteen sixties, courtesy of the Van Doren brothers. And yes, we do mean skated, because Vans all but cornered the almost impossible to market to demographic known as skaters back in the day.

The shoes’ sticky soles made them a prime choice for skateboarders in coastal regions, and they caught on like wildfire after that. These days, the Vans brand is so synonymous with skating that you can’t find a list of the best sneakers in skateboarding without their name on it. Apart from this, you can check this site for a great variety of cheap skates online.


Converse sneakers are the epitome of the adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. They’ve stuck with almost the exact same signature style and build for over a hundred years since their foundation in nineteen seventeen. Converse All-Stars have graced the feet of professional basketball players, skaters, and scene kids alike.

Their simple base design makes them an ideal shoe for artists who want to make their shoes reflect their personality. It also makes them an excellent all-rounder casual shoe, suitable for exercise and fashionable wear.

Perhaps this is the reason for its enduring popularity. Seriously, look to your left and right the next time you go out, and we promise, you’ll see someone who found a reason to shop for Converse shoes.


Of course, no list of famous sneaker brands would be complete without the checkmark, the swoosh, the goddess of victory herself, Nike. This brand, which officially started in nineteen seventy-one, has such a massive collection of beloved classics across its short lifespan that it’s almost impossible to pick the standouts.

Nike towers over almost every other shoe company on the market except Adidas.

Nike is, in most circumstances, the shoe of choice for athletes. They constantly partner with relevant celebrities and innovate their sneakers for comfort and durability. There’s a reason their slogan of the moment is “Just do it”. That’s what they’ve done since day one.


Reebok once stood on its own two feet as a titan among sneaker brands. It was one of the first brands to start partnering with hip-hop stars during the early two thousands. Its classic Club C style has seen a resurgence in recent years. However, that could not save it from being taken under Adidas’ umbrella in two thousand and five.

Jordan Brand

Ask anyone who plays basketball for fun what the best sneakers are for the job. Chances are, they’ll tell you that it’s a pair of Air Jordans. While Jordans is a subsidiary of Nike, originally created as Michael Jordan’s signature shoe in the mid-eighties, they’re a tour de force in the sneaker world.

Due to their limited releases and retro reissues, the brand has a sense of rarity that normal Nike shoes don’t have. That’s why in many circles, a pair of Jordans is worth far more than even a high-end pair of Nikes.


Speaking of celebrity-released sneaker brands, we can’t discuss the subject without addressing the Yeezy. This shoe brand is a subdivision of the Adidas umbrella, driven almost exclusively by Kanye West’s force of personality. Despite the oft-criticized large silhouettes and outlandish styles, the brand has become the dominant force behind sneaker trends.

New Balance

New Balances may come across as a bunch of “dad shoes” on this list of famous sneaker brands. However, among sneaker companies, there’s no one more dedicated to arch support and comfort. One common issue with many of the brands we’ve listed above is that they value form over comfort and function.

Not so with New Balances. These shoes may not seem like much to look at for the high fashion types, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find something easier to walk in.

Curious to Learn About More Famous Sneaker Brands?

Whether you enjoy wearing sneakers for comfort or fashion, this list of famous sneaker brands should offer you some inspiration. However, it is by no means exhaustive.

Do you want to learn about more amazing sneaker brands you can use to fill your closet? Or about up-and-coming players on the shoe court? If so, then check out the Lifestyle section of our blog. We update each day with more helpful fashion articles like this one!

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