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  • Amazon Enhanced Brand Content: A New Way to Improve Product Listing

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Amazon provides space for sellers to recognize their brand. However, it has been home now to millions of sellers which increases a lot of competition among each seller. Therefore, Amazon EBC/A Plus Content is a feature by Amazon that allows sellers or vendors to modify their product description listing with enhanced images, high-quality multimedia, and compelling texts.

EBC Listing Or EBC:

EBC is an abbreviation for Enhanced Brand Content. It is a premium tool used by Amazon sellers and vendors to advertise their brands. EBC/A Plus Content enables merchants to improve the readability of their product listings by adding more photographs, enticing language, and bullet points. Sellers may also provide product elements such as what the product is about and how to utilize it to help shoppers comprehend their goods.

On the other hand, EBC listing is the same as EBC, and in this case, a registered seller or registered brand owner on Amazon Brand Registry employed Enhanced Brand Content or A Plus Content for their product listing to increase sales and conversion rate. Remember that you may only use EBC on goods that are part of the brand catalogue.

Who Is Eligible For Amazon EBC?

Amazon EBC is available for third-party sellers who are professional brand owners and have registered on Amazon Brand Registry. Once you are an approved brand owner on Amazon then you can take advantage of enhanced and A-content for your product listing.

Why Use Amazon EBC?

The primary advantage of Amazon EBC is that it is free to use. Any registered seller or vendor can use it to enhance their product listing. EBC is an essential tactic for increasing sales, conversion rate, and traffic on your website.

With the help of Amazon EBC, you can provide more information to your customers by guiding them about your product and its specifications.

As EBC provides many creative templates to its registered sellers, you can also use them to showcase your storefront with unique features and enhanced content that tells about your brand and products.

EBC helps sellers to reinforce their brand essence. You can also overcome your customer’s objection by answering FAQS, which not only grabs customers’ attention towards your product but reduces the return rate of your product and negative reviews and that is what puts your brand and product at the top, everyone then recognizes your brand and this way your brand awareness, online-visibility, sales, and conversion rate increases.

Ways to Improve Amazon EBC Listing:

Clear Your Customers’ Doubts:

While creating A+/EBC content, put yourself in the shoes of your customers. You have to visualize all those questions in your mind when a customer buys a product. As, this may help you to improve your listing and increase your sales.

For example, if you are a customer and look for a product on Amazon, you may read the headline and bullet points yet still be unconvinced.

As a result, Amazon EBC is the only option to differentiate your brand and goods. You may utilize EBC to draw your clients’ attention to your product’s unique features, benefits, and specs. Your major objective should be to enlighten your clients about your product in order to remove their questions and demonstrate how it is superior to anything else on Amazon.

Use Graphics And Visuals To Grab Customers’ Attention:

To capture customers’ attention, graphics are the most useful tactic. Graphics display information about your listing in an interesting and simple way.

When customers visit your product they first notice the graphics, and visuals you used. If it is good enough to grab their interest then they go to the review section to check whether the product is good enough or not.

Making sure to add quality and sharp visuals while writing the product listing means that customers stop scrolling and read about the product you have written. This increases your brand conversion rate, and your product sales also increase.

Also, EBC offers many Amazon Templates to its users to customise their shopfront, which attracts customers’ attention and they spend a long-lasting time on your shop, this way your website’s online visibility increases and many get aware of your shop/brand.

Convincing Customers Through Your Brand And Product Story:

Now that you have got your customers’ attention by adding quality visuals and graphics, it’s time to grab their attention with your story. In your story, you should include, What makes your product different from your competitors’? How can your product benefit them? Why should they use your product? Also, tell them about your brand, what this brand is about, and its purpose.

This makes your brand even more, stronger and increases your brand awareness. With a strong brand, you can make more sales because your product becomes a solution to a customer’s problem and they start believing your brand.

Therefore, in the EBC product listing, it is necessary to connect your customers with the story as it builds trust.

Final Take:

We have discussed how Amazon registered sellers can improve their product listings by using Amazon EBC. By following these rules you can give a boost to your product sales, and brand identity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Amazon EBC listing now, or let us know if you need any help with your EBC listing content, we will gladly assist you.

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