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  • How Multistep Form Can Drive More Leads and Sales

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Every CEO, Marketing, or Sales Head realizes the importance of Lead Generation for their businesses. They create complex ad promotional strategies, design interactive, and engaging UI and UX for their landing pages, and set up support teams to communicate with customers.

However, most businesses skim on a supposedly important aspect of the entire lead generation process- Forms! The place where the lead is going to enter in their details needs to be paid more attention to by entrepreneurs and marketers alike.

This is like the last step of the process, and one without which, you will not be able to call your lead gen strategy a success. The success of any campaign depends on how many people have filled the form, entered their details, and pressed the submit button.

In this article, we discuss ‘Multi-Step Forms’ and why businesses should pay much more attention to them for generating leads and sales.

Multi-Step Forms: Meaning and Definition

Ask any traditional marketer and they will tell you that the shorter the form, the better are the chances for conversions. However, short forms mean that you will not be able to get information, which you might need to close the sale.

A more innovative approach to this would be using highly engaging multi-step forms, which leads are far more interested in filling out and submitting.

We all know how as consumers we have often seen generic and bland Google Forms show up on a brand’s landing page. We also know how we cringed and closed the tab on seeing the form.

If a brand wants to set itself apart from the competition, they should start using attractive, well-designed, intelligent, and engaging multi step forms. This can lead to a sea of difference in terms of their conversions as well as the amount of data they are collecting. Nowadays there are many multi-step form tools available which could help marketers to create these forms in just minutes.

5 Reasons why Multi-Step Forms can Drive More Leads and Sales

1. Engaging and Educative-

Marketing and sales experts who work using multi-step forms suggest that they can be effectively used for educating audiences. For example, you might have seen car companies throw in a little EMI or Insurance calculator. Likewise, you would have also seen health and fitness brands use a BMI index on the forms. This is engaging and elicits a positive response.

2. Improves User Journey-

Digital users are bombarded with landing pages, ad promotions, and pop-ups. They want to experience a novelty, which can improve their digital experience. A well-designed and functional multi-step form can do just that. Having smart animation, a well-designed UI can go a long in improving the user journey and helping the brand with the all-important submit click.

3. Generates more Customer Details-

A Multi-Step form is a highly useful tool for lead capture and conversion because it helps in collecting more than just names, numbers, and email ids. It allows brands to arouse user interest and collect far more information than your average forms. For example, it can help optimize a brand’s offerings by knowing in detail what consumers like and dislike.

4. Builds a better Brand Impression and Recall-

If you improve a user’s digital experience, he or she is very likely to remember you. This is why brands should invest in multi-step forms, which have animation, come with an animated progress bar, and seek to educate audiences about relevant things around their interest. It also shows what kind of a brand you are and the level of communications you want to establish.

5. Automation and Simplification-

Every brand should aim at automating processes in multiple areas. The more automated the processes, the better is your impression in the eyes of your target audiences. In terms of user experiences, users prefer automation and less human touch, if the multi step forms are designed according to the right fashion. Booking appointments, applying for insurance are all processes, which can easily be automated.

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The Bottom Line

Multi-step forms are infinitely better in every respect than your traditional single forms or even two-step forms. Studies have shown that brands which have been able to use them have seen a remarkable surge in the number of lead captures and conversions. A well-designed and engaging multi-step form might just be what your brand needs to unleash its sales and marketing potential.

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