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  • How We Can Increase Sales through Robotics and Workflow Automation

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When most people think of marketing, they often think of smart campaigns and sharp slogans, but there is further to it than just coming up with something memorable. Marketing automation can handle less engaging, manual tasks while giving your marketing team the ability to use their skills and creativity to increase your market share. Sales have always been a hit-or-miss action. Salespeople try everything from spam emails, cold phone calls, and creative pitches to persuade you to buy their product or service. They do this to find out what works and what doesn’t. Robotic process automation (RPA) can change this or improve the process to see if it works very fast. Robotic process automation tools in the marketing and sales department can take care of many tasks and provide insights and opportunities that you would not otherwise have.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation is a technology that mimics human tasks using computer systems, also called bots. Bots are algorithms programmed for specific tasks, basically repetitive, principled, and with no such complications. For example, feeding data from a form into a database. As for the sales department, it is estimated that 30% of their job is simply to organize and sort the information on their computers so that they can input and analyze the data. If they are free from this task, they can focus more on the important activity of the salesman-client interaction. RPA can handle some of the sales activities: creating quotes, verifying inventory, ordering with the warehouse, invoicing, database input, analytics, and performance reports.

laboratory robotics

Laboratory Robotics

RPAs can be integrated with other automation technologies to improve performance. For example, cold email access is repeated. It can customize the pre-designed HTML email patterns for different types of conditions, dripping send-outs (sending programming emails for a few hours to avoid spam alerts), and auto-filling customizable pitches directly from the CRM database. Moreover, pick and place packaging robot have taken the mass production to another scale. Organization workers can pay more attention to strategy and less on repetitive responsibilities, as 50 to 70% of these accomplishments can be automated.

Benefits of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

There is always the anxiety that the RPA will be a job assassin during the working period, but nothing far from the fact. This allows the team to focus on how it affects the business and enhances strategic skills. There is more time for customer-building relationships. For example, ElectroNeek implements a client onboarding software that gathers customer documents, assimilates their data into task management software, and also arranges communication appointments. Automate email campaigns and automated respondents, monitor social media channels, deploy chatbots, and provide information without the need for human intervention.

a person with scientific instrument

A Person with Scientific Instrument

Potential customers will have quicker access to answers, and this will reduce the pressure on marketing professionals. RPA provides you with an unlimited pool of resources that mimics human behavior and automates mundane, repetitive tasks that affect the productivity of your employees. RPA makes it possible for employers or employees not to have a strong understanding of the technology behind the system, but still be able to take advantage of it. Robotics Process Automation assigns you manual and repetitive tasks to software that can repeat them without error or pause, helping you to get rid of low-value strategic jobs, so you can better focus on your high-value tactical professions that actually contribute to your lowest line. It is a cutting-edge technology such as abrasive water jet machining.

Reporting with the Robotic Process Automation

Reporting is difficult for many people who are not based on data. This can be a bit complicated when you need to get data from various software applications, such as Google Analytics, financials, CRM software, and field data. RPA can collect and submit information when it becomes available, saving time for the sales team and reviewing their performance on a daily basis.

schneider electric automation diagram

Schneider Electric Automation Diagram

Sales Have Been Left Behind By Marketing

Marketing has been at the forefront of automation, thanks to many digital online tools. In contrast, sales teams have been mostly analogue and self-reliant. According to the experts, about one-third of sales can be robotic. 14% of sales purposes are related to lead qualification, while 60% are related to pure task management procedures. All of this can make use of a Robotic Process Automation.

There is a list of activities RPA can handle for sales:

  • Strategic Planning: Channel strategy, sales forecasting, activity planning, best resource allocation.
  • Lead Qualification: Estimate customer data, sections, filters and preferences.
  • Quotes: Generating quotes and contract formation.
  • Order Management: Bidding orders, updating the catalogue, and handling orders.
  • Customer Management: Follow up with customers, program promos and offers, and handle after-sales orders.
  • Support: Creating reports, analysis, training, and practice documentation.

Robotic Process Automation creates professional life cycles easier, more proficient and cheaper, the same way CNC milling has done. Integrated AI technologies will have a much deeper impact as algorithms can learn to improve on their own without waiting for major program updates.

use of integration in real life

Use of Integration in Real Life

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