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  • The Future of Commercial Kitchen: Trends in Automation

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We often picture self-driving cars or virtual reality headsets when we imagine technological advances. However, there’s a place where innovation happens constantly: commercial kitchens.

Marrying tried-and-true cooking methods with innovative cooking tools is par for the course in commercial kitchens. We always seek better, bolder flavors and more efficient means to create them. Not only is this good for our taste buds—it’s good for business.

Automation has shaped the food industry for over a century, and we’re still discovering its potential. With the repetitive, often dirty work required in commercial kitchens, it’s a logical place to apply this technology. Taking the manual labor out of making noodles, for instance, by using a ramen machine, is just one way we use technology to our advantage in the kitchen. Let’s explore more ways in which technology is creating a better, more efficient commercial kitchen.


If you’ve ever worked in a busy kitchen, you know how important communication is. Every aspect of a meal requires teamwork; the journey from the time an order ticket to a customer’s table is an exercise in connectivity.

Imagine if the machines in our kitchen could demonstrate this same level of concerted effort. That’s what the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to the table. This technology creates an ecosystem in the kitchen where smart appliances can communicate and share data.

Connectivity continues beyond preparing food. Sharing data between machines also enables better overall management. Remote monitoring can help with workflow management and predictive maintenance.


Having a robot in the kitchen might sound like the work of a sci-fi film, but we already use robots all the time. You might even have a Roomba zipping around your living room as we speak!

Robots are especially adept at repetitive tasks that require dexterity. Their consistency and lack of physical limitations make them an excellent choice for cooking actions like chopping, stirring, grilling, and baking. With these prepping abilities, robots can help make the process more efficient and avoid having to hire people.

As AI evolves, many robotic chefs will be programmable and learn from experiences and feedback. Their access to the internet means they’ll also source new recipes.


Often, the only thing standing between a restaurateur and the menu of their dreams is space. Every kitchen is finite, and many come with quirks that limit the possibilities of what it can produce.

That’s where automation can come in. Older equipment might only accomplish one task while taking up massive amounts of space. Just think of the size of many grills! But tools that combine multiple functions can maximize your space.

When you pair multi-functioning equipment with automation, the walls of a kitchen no longer confine the menu. And when the size of the back of the house isn’t an issue, the sky’s the limit.

Data Analytics

Connectivity and automation will provide commercial kitchens with a wealth of data. Analyzing these insights can unlock a wide range of operational possibilities.

Analytics can aid in optimizing production and reducing food waste. Waste is a big problem in the restaurant industry. Estimates show that over 20 billion pounds of food, costing over $162 billion, gets tossed into the trash annually.

These insights will also help the customer experience. By studying their feedback and understanding historical trends, implementing improvements to the service and production of commercial kitchens can be done with ease.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

If you’ve witnessed a Sunday brunch or weekend dinner rush, you know it takes a lot of energy to run a kitchen. And that’s not even including the regular power to keep the lights on!

For forward-thinking commercial kitchens, sustainability is an issue that transcends food waste. As restaurants become more integrated with technology, higher energy needs are inevitable.

Much like eco-friendly packaging and composting has found its way into the industry, energy-efficient equipment is quickly becoming the norm. Keeping these costs down helps with the overall efficiency of a restaurant, and provides the type of savings customers can see reflected in their checks.

The Final Word on Kitchen Automation

With a dash of creativity mixed with innovative tools, the culinary visions of commercial kitchens will help technology move forward. As the 21st century comes into view, it’s clear that the future of the food service industry is full of possibilities.

From robots to analytics, our meal preparation is gearing up for a drastic shift. While the results will remain delicious, the cuisine of tomorrow is rooted in embracing tools that make our kitchens—and lives—more manageable.

Restaurants have only just begun to implement the latest technology. As automation grows and AI’s capabilities expand, commercial kitchens will be at the forefront of customer satisfaction and efficiency. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

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