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  • Absolute Must-Have Equipment for an Efficient Commercial Kitchen with Infographic

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Starting your own food service business requires you to carefully consider the type of kitchen you will need. This investment will need to be combined with your team, your location, and, of course, the ingredients for your food. A commercial kitchen is different from a home kitchen. An industrial-grade kitchen is needed for a busy restaurant. You’ll find a list of essential kitchen equipment on our checklist, along with tips for successfully running your kitchen.

A Commercial Refrigerator

To provide your customers with fresh, safe food, you need a commercial refrigerator. Commercial refrigerators store food efficiently. To stay profitable, you need commercial fridges that are of the right size and capacity. You will need to determine this based on the size and nature of your business.

To find the perfect refrigerator for your needs, consider the features of different types. A sandwich shop, unlike a coffee shop, would need to store meat, fruit, dairy products, and more, as opposed to a coffee shop.

Freezer Intended for Commercial Use

Your establishment may also require a commercial freezer if you do intend to serve more than just fresh food, or if you plan on holding onto lots of ingredients and food items. These freezers can store a greater number of perishable items than most home freezers. They are well-organized so you can easily keep track of your food.

You can reduce waste and make sure that your food is safe and tasty by using the first-in, first-out method of managing your food inventories. Make sure that the freezer has enough storage space, and can be easily organized and accessed. Keep in mind whether the freezer will also be displayed, if so, ensure that it comes with a ‘window’ so that customers can look inside without opening the door.

A Commercial Oven

Fresh baked goods and mouth-watering dishes can be baked or roasted in a commercial oven. If you are baking, roasting, or simply heating food in a commercial oven, you want a high-quality appliance that’s efficient, reliable, and compliant with safety regulations. Installation regulations must also be followed.

Products for the Commercial Range

Ranges are often the most important equipment in restaurants. Here you can find a list of cooking methods as well as areas where the fresh meals are prepared. Whether you want a gas or electric range, you need one that fits your needs. Take into account your cooking style and your kitchen layout before making your decision. With a large dining room, a few burners won’t be enough. With limited seating in a restaurant, it makes no sense to take up a lot of space with a large range.

A Commercial Sink: Commercial sinks may be required in more than one location. Select sinks according to the type of business you have.

Separate sinks for separate purposes: With separate sinks for different uses, you can create the perfect kitchen design for every need.

Sinks for disposal: For the safe disposal of solid food waste

Using sinks to wash hands: To ensure food safety

A portable sink: A small sink for handwashing in tight spaces

Business at Its Heart

If you don’t have a well-equipped commercial kitchen, you can’t meet high standards for both customer satisfaction and employee safety.

Restaurant Kitchens Equipment: Considerations

Consider these factors before purchasing restaurant equipment:

  • TCO (total cost of ownership)
  • Maintenance contracts and warranty agreements
  • Functionality and dimensions
  • Delivery and shipment
  • Increasing the efficiency of energy use
  • Restaurant kitchen management tips
  • The employee’s perspective
  • Improve your menu by simplifying it
  • Put in place an effective inventory system
  • Organize your kitchen workstations
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Take care of your employees


commercial kitchen equipments infographic

Commercial Kitchen Equipments Infographic

In terms of your kitchen equipment checklist, your menu should be the most important aspect. Success or failure will be determined by what you serve and how you serve it. In order to ensure high-quality food for your customers, you need to equip your kitchen with everything you need. You can expand your business by creating a scalable kitchen.

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