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  • Top 7 Skills That Every RPA Developer Should Have

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Automation has taken business processes to new heights. Many tasks which are repetitive and boring and also require human intervention are now can be efficiently completed with RPA technologies. RPA automates multiple tasks such as Data gathering from numerous sources, prediction management, after-sales customer assistance, and supply chain operations. RPA is not only limited to IT. RPA is creating wonders by assisting various industries like banking, finance, communications, and healthcare.

With its capabilities and features, RPA has become indispensable in the current market and it will expand even faster in the coming years. That increased the demand for RPA developers furthermore. In comparison to previous years, the number of RPA positions has increased by almost fifteen fold and it is expected to become twice in the future. So what are you waiting for? Step up, learn top RPA tools and technologies from the RPA Certification training program. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of the skills required to become an RPA Developer.

1. Programming Languages

Programming is the foundation of Software Engineering. To work with any software or automation processes, you need to have experience in using programming languages. Ofcourse, RPA allows you to automate some basic operations without any coding but is necessary for complicated operations. The following are the programming languages required in your skillset to become an RPA Developer.


The C/C++ programming languages are the most frequently utilized in robotics. C and C++ have a lot of powerful capabilities which make them ideal for RPA development.


Java is a necessary programming language because it includes all of the necessary software and libraries to allow users to manage and build software applications. Additionally, RPA can use Java code and links it to the required libraries.


Python’s simple syntax makes Robotic Process Automation comfortable and less time-consuming. Python makes evaluating the flexibility of robots much easier than any of the other languages.


.NET is a framework that enables you to create RPA software in C/C#. This enables the development of a wide range of applications using high-level automation approaches.

However, proficiency in all programming languages is not necessary. Learning one programming language perfectly is fair enough to work with RPA automation.

2. Database

RPA bots allow the user to create operations using databases, irrespective of their complexities or the volume of systems involved. So the RPA developer role involves working with databases as well. Therefore, Knowledge of databases such as how to use, add, modify the databases is very helpful. Also, you must have a grip on Database languages like SQL and MySQL as they are used in databases and various RPA tools.

3. Analytical Skills

One of the job roles of RPA developers is to analyze the processes. RPA developers just do not develop the automation models for their business. They analyze the process and review it to make it more efficient. They have to consciously monitor and analyze the business processes and make sure the workflow is implemented properly. Analytical skills help RPA developers to think critically and to define conclusions from multiple perspectives.

4. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence help RPA to enable systems to learn and make judgments without programming manually. Many tasks of RPA cannot be done within, it requires technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help them extract the data from the resources. Especially tasks like deriving data from voice recognition and speech recognition are difficult for RPA without Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With the Machine Learning implementation, RPA has become more powerful. So having expertise in AI/ML technologies will make you more eligible for the job.

5. RPA Tools

Becoming an RPA Developer is nothing but becoming an expert in RPA tools. Your high competency in any of the popular RPA tools will take you a step closer to your dream to be an RPA Developer. So, gain hands-on experience in any of the following tools.


Users can use this tool for the automation of numerous business operations. It’s an open system that encourages cooperation and automates mundane chores.

Automation Anywhere:

Automation Anywhere is a web-based platform that offers companies to automate various business tasks from basic to advanced through a control Room. It offers cloud-based intelligent automation solutions for users.

Blue Prism:

Another RPA tool that automates the workflow with software robots is Blue Prism. It is very flexible and worthwhile automation.


Pega automation tools provide you with more valuable and efficient results in very less time compared to others.


Eggplant is an RPA tool that uses technologies such as deep learning and Artificial Intelligence to provide the best consumer satisfaction.

6. Process Mining

Process Mining is a skill required to analyze business processes. The developers use this tool for analyzing existing processes, identifying opportunities for their further developments, and evaluating the outcomes of process modifications to make them more productive without an error. So, a thorough knowledge is expected from an RPA Developer.

7. Cloud Technologies

As companies become more cloud-based, RPA is used in cloud infrastructure as well. To implement RPA software automation robots such as bots in the cloud, a developer should know how the cloud works and also should have knowledge in working with various cloud platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.

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