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  • 5 Bullet Proof PPC Strategies That Work

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If you are reading this article, you are probably looking for ways and means to optimize your PPC strategy. Congratulations! You have landed on the right resource article.

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most popular and often used models of internet marketing. From search engines to social media, you can use Paid Advertising or PPC to drive up traffic, shore conversions, improve sales queries and generate revenues.

PPC is not SEO; meaning, that here you do not earn the clicks. On the contrary, it is a paid model where you buy the clicks.

While most people think that running Google Ads is fairly simple, that is not completely true. Experts that run and deliver highly optimized campaigns know that mastering PPC has its own sets of skill and experience.

In this resource article, we look at 5 bulletproof PPC strategies that work. A Los Angeles Pay Per Click agency researched PPC strategies that work and deliver the best results. So, stick around till the end of the article, as we help you crack the PPC code to success.

List of 5 Bullet Proof PPC Strategies that work

1. High Volume, Low Competition, and High Intent Keywords –

Trying to outbid million-dollar brands is never a smart idea when it comes to PPC. Rather than approach the problem by targeting high traffic keywords, the intention should target high-intention keywords. Staying away from the herd will help reduce the Cost-Per-Click (CPC).

This would require the agency or your PPC team (whoever is running the campaign) to do more legwork. Especially, do adequate keyword research for long-tail keywords that showcase buying intent for the users. It will help boost conversions and guarantee sales.

2. Create a Powerful PPC Ad for your Campaign –

There are three dimensions when it comes to creating result-oriented ads on PPC. Great copy, fantastic CTAs, and a good-looking and optimized landing page to boost conversions. If you have taken care of these three elements, your PPC campaign will be a success.

This is why brands prefer agencies to run their PPC campaigns. Agencies have expert copywriters, great designers, and talented PPC gurus. All of them come together to create an ad that has the maximum impact in terms of encouraging customers to click through.

3. Go for a Manual Bidding Strategy –

This strategy is a bit contentious. While some experts prefer manual bidding, others want to go for automated bidding. However, as someone who has been in the field for a long time, we have seen that manual bidding is a great way to control the flow of clicks and conversions.

A full-proof bidding strategy will allow you to always keep a tab on your budget. It will also help you restructure your PPC campaigns if you feel that they are not delivering the kind of results that you had hoped for.

4. Always Engage with A/B testing for your PPC Ad –

When it comes to optimizations, PPC campaigns need to be robustly tested. Even agencies that have years of experience and expertise in the domain create two or three ad sets for A/B testing. This allows them to understand what is working and what needs to be stopped.

Every marketer that creates an ad feels like it is the best one out there. Running successful PPC campaigns requires more than just subjective approval. It requires that audiences and search engines love your ad copy, and user experience clicks and conversions.

5. Produce a High-Performance and Optimized Landing Page –

As a thumb rule, it is best not to drive your PPC audiences to a routine and normal website page or a contact form. This not only dilutes the experience but also costs the brand important conversions. Here is when a specifically designed landing page for the brand shines through.

It helps arrest the attention of the customers to what the brand is trying to communicate. A landing page needs to be designed well, have clear CTAs and catchy copy. You want to ensure that even areas like multi-step forms are properly optimized for conversions.

The Final Word

Anyone who says that running and executing successful PPC campaigns is easy is lying. If your last campaign was good, nothing is stopping you from being great on your next one. In terms of ROIs, PPC continues to be one of the leading internet marketing mediums that are preferred by marketers and brands alike.

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