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  • WeldSaver Device- Water Saver for Resistance Welding

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When you spend time in robotic welding, you require a high-quality leak detection tool. It ensures you get leak signals even when there are no directors on site. Weldsaver will defend welders from heating. The tool will confirm all expensive tools like water-cooled devices, electrodes, caps, and transformers are secure.

Weldsaver is the most suitable water saver in the market. It serves to control essential cooling circuits. It also lets you identify cap loss and leaks. It is also the best water saver on the market. It has an automatic shut-off valve.

You can use the Weldsaver in offices and home spaces. It guarantees you discover water leaks around office and domestic areas. Many times, leaks in homes go unseen. But you can see the leaks as soon as they occur. You will save your area from losses linking to water.

Water Saver Conditions

A Weldsaver has water saver wants. Some aspects lead to the requirement for a water saver. Once you see the element, then you should fix the water saver.

Some factors involve high flow leaks. Thus, it tells the method you want for static tools. The detective robot presents the flow control. Dynamic robotic leak detection is needed. It timely leads panels over a system. The reply rate is essential in shielding the area.

Common Reasons for Coolant Leaks

Coolants have a kind of leak. Here are the basic leaks that a Water saver would discover. We will take a car coolant as an instance.

External Leaks

External leaks are simple to tell. You will see a pool of liquid outside the welder. When the car heats fast, the fluids leave through the leaks. The hose and radiator are the basic sites prone to leaks.

The leaking water runs from the coolant tank to the coolant system. It can prompt short circuits if the water gets in contact with power cables. You can tell you have an outer leak when you see coolant pooling.

Internal Leaks

These leaks cause a coolant puddle under your car. You can still have a remarkable coolant level to keep your engine heated. It would better if you refilled the coolant to keep it working. Most vitally, it would assist if you set the internal leaks to evade overheating the engine. Internal leaks can occur through the head gasket. The coolant sees its way out of the order.

Leak Radiator cap

The radiator cap holds the coolant in the tank. You open the cap to refill the coolant. When the cap is free or cracks, the coolant can flow after it heats or is ruled to pressure. Check the cap usually and restore it when required. Assure you fit it correctly. Check with the manual for the proper fitting method.

Critical Points of Water Saver

A water saver has two key points. Let us look at them below.

Integrated Water Valve

Weldsaver coolant includes a water valve. It helps the tool work on many uses at once. It benefits to save money to buy many pieces of material. It is also simple to use and keeps a small space.

Fast Response

The Weldsaver takes 0.3 seconds to identify pressure damage. It lets you react to leaks in time. The automatic shut-off valves initiate once the system restricts the pressure drop that occurs from a leak. It makes the tool valuable and safe.

How a Weldsaver Water Saver Works?

There are many kinds of Weldsavers. They all offer various services to clients. You pick one that suits your requirements. For example, a home-grade water saver is not the related to a manufacturing-grade Weldsaver. But the variations do not alter their working systems. Below is a summary of how Weldsavers work.

Coolant Control and Leak Detection

A welder is a valuable tool. Due to persistent exposure to the power supply, it is subject to heating. The elements in the welder cover wires, a water-cooled motor, and a cap. It is costly to restore any of these elements. Also, the heat can damage the whole welder tool, leading to heavy losses. The Weldsaver holds the temperatures under control, thus protecting you from preventable costs.

Intelligent Leak Detection

Weldsaver has a limited detection system. It quickly marks a difference in flow speed. It also varies from the variations due to leaks and mass loss. Other aspects that lead to falling in liquid velocity hold heat and impacts of change. Weldsaver marks the difference in less than 0.3 seconds. Weldsaver identifies cap loss or leak and automates the valve shut off. It also prevents the welding method from avoiding damages.

Welding Systems- Water saver for Resistant welding

We are the world leader in automotive weld coolant regulating and water saver products. Our team of WeldSaver shields welders from heating, saving costly weld elements such as transformers, electrodes, caps, and water-cooled motors. For above 20 years, commencing automotive OEMs have scored on our WeldSaver technology to control critical cooling circuits, discover leaks and cap loss, automate valve shut-off, and give a state-of-the-art web-based monitor fit with great robot teach pendants. The WeldSaver unites your PLC, robot, and welder using industry-standard, ODVA-compliant data forms for inputs and outputs, making alliances streamlined.


The Weldsaver is the world’s best water saver and coolant control. The tool works in many areas. Thus, it keeps your money and space for many instruments. Weldsaver has a long story of a good name. Advanced tech assures it is simple to use and can work without directors.

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