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  • How to Make Simple Fixes to Common Plumbing Issues

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Any household is prone to face plumbing issues from their water pipes. From leaking pipes or worn-out O-rings, there are several reasons why the pipes may be faulty. Leaks increase the water bills since a lot of the resource is being wasted. Faulty pipes give you a hard time, like disposing of water with low pressure or failing to heat properly.

You can’t operate normally if your pipes have breakages. If you don’t check out the faults and repair them in advance, you will likely face irreparable damage. Being a homeowner, you can fix some of the issues and restore a regular water supply.

A Faulty Faucet

Dripping water after closing the taps can be very annoying. Anyone who has experienced it can attest that it sounds rings in their heads; they can’t keep calm. Aside from psychological torture, the constant dripping adds to the monthly rate of your water bill. You can get this fixed by getting the drip fixed. Identifying the problem source helps you easily fix it by either mending or replacing them with a new faucet. Fix your faucet fast.

A Clogged Sink

When food debris is drained in the sink, they tend to clog it; this will cause flooding in your sink and can over-spill on the floor if not handled. Such scenarios are severe since spilled water can cause injury. Clogging is critical since it affects the entire sewer system giving you a hard time rectifying the damage. You can use a drain snake, which will spiral down the debris and any other substance, thus cleaning the pipe. As a remedy, use a wire mesh to trap anything that may clog the sewer pipes.

A Bad Valve Washer

A valve holds the faucet and the spout together, making a leak if it happens to be worn out or loose. The mineral deposits present in water corrode the valve metal. To prevent constant replacements of the valve, use stainless steel valves. A stainless valve is resistant to heat and temperature, ensuring a longer lifespan of your valves. Always ensure that your valves are a correct fit and change them if they are worn out.

Leaky Pipes

Water pipes are very prone to breakage whether they are made of copper or PEX. Copper doesn’t adjust to temperature change. It’s likely to cause leakage due to constant metal expansion. Always check if the pipes are in good condition to minimize leakage and replace any broken pipe. The lifespan of a pipe is dependent upon the pressure and temperature at which it has been used during its lifetime. Pipes that have been used more and at a higher temperature are going to be more corroded and more stressed than one that is rarely used at all.

There are plenty of ways to fix common plumbing problems in your home or business. Be patient, that’s the first step. Take your time and use what skills you have to fix up what is broken.

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