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  • 5 Ways You Can Become Your Own Personal Plumber

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It takes several years of study and professional experience to become a licensed plumber. Fortunately, you don’t need to have several years of study and work experience to tackle simple plumbing repairs in your home. With a little bit of research and effort, you can handle several minor plumbing issues yourself. Here are five ways you can become your own personal plumber.

Get the Right Tools

First, you’ll need a complete set of plumbing tools. Here are some of the essential tools you’ll need to get started:

  • Plungers
  • Tongue-and-groove-pliers
  • An adjustable wrench
  • A basin wrench
  • A pipe wrench
  • A hacksaw
  • A drain auger
  • Plumber’s tape
  • Plumber’s putty
  • Stubby screwdriver
  • A putty knife

Your plumbing toolset may grow as you tackle more plumbing jobs and your skills improve. However, these plumbing tools are sufficient for most simple plumbing repairs.

Find a Suitable Place to Get Tools

Local stores may not stock the plumbing tools you need. Look for a plumbing retailer or dedicated hardware store to find a large selection of tools. You are more likely to get a wide variety of tools at a plumbing retailer or hardware store. Plus, you may get helpful tips on the job you need to tackle.

Learn About the Plumbing System in Your Home

Once you get the essential plumbing tools, read up on plumbing and watch videos to get up to speed on some plumbing basics. Some basic plumbing repairs you can learn about include:

  • Unclogging slow drains
  • Clearing a clogged toilet
  • Fixing a running toilet
  • Cleaning a showerhead
  • Mending broken pipes
  • Adding pipe insulation

These plumbing issues are relatively simple to resolve, and with a little bit of study, you’ll be able to tackle them in no time.

Locate Where Your Shut-Off Valves Are

Before you repair any of the fixtures or pipes in your home’s plumbing system, you’ll need to turn off the water supply in your home. There are at least three different places you can turn off the water, and your option will depend on where the leak or the plumbing repair needs to happen. The three places where you can shut off the water include:

  • Directly at the fixture or appliance: This option is suitable if the leak affects one particular fixture or appliance since it will allow you to turn it off while allowing other fixtures to operate.
  • The water heater: This option is suitable if you need to fix or replace a water heater.
  • The main shut-off valve: This option is suitable if the leak affects the main branch line or if there is no fixture shut-off valve near the fixture you need to fix or replace.

You can also turn off your water supply at the water meter, but this should be a last resort.

Learn Plumbing Maintenance

Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent plumbing issues from arising. Learn how to perform simple maintenance to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape. Here are some simple things you can learn when it comes to maintenance:

  • Flushing out a water heater
  • Testing a sump pump
  • Inspecting pipe fittings

Learning these things can help you deal with minor plumbing problems before they go from bad to worse.

Hire a Plumber

Having a plumber during an emergency can help relieve the anxiety of the situation. Plumbing issues are generally unexpected, and they can cause major troubles to your everyday routine. Having a plumber with you will ensure that any plumbing problems are handled quickly and with minimal hassle.

You can become your own personal plumber using these five tips. However, you shouldn’t tackle complex repairs yourself. When faced with a difficult plumbing problem you can’t resolve, reach out to companies like Bud’s Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electric to get the issue handled by a professional plumber.

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