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  • Problems to Pay Attention to When It Comes to Your Kitchen Faucet

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A lot happens in the kitchen. In addition to being where you prepare your food, it often tends to be the place where family members gather in between meals as well. Because of that, you want to ensure that everything is in good condition. Unfortunately, a faulty faucet can be a big disruption. Kitchen faucets are made to more exacting standards than ever before, but many things can cause them to perform poorly. The first step toward solving your faucet problems is deciding whether you can do the repair yourself or if you need to call in an expert. Here are some common faucet problems and advice on how to solve them.

Leaky Handle

Leaking around a faucet handle is often caused by a loose packing nut or worn O-ring. Solving the problem involves turning off the water, taking the faucet apart and cleaning the valve and spout thoroughly. Then, you must replace the O-ring or washer and properly tighten the packing nut. If the faucet also has other damage, it might be better to replace the whole faucet.


Dripping can be infrequent and unnoticed. Eventually, however, it will get bad enough that it drips constantly, wasting water and creating an annoyance. If you have a compression faucet, you can often solve the problem by replacing the washer on the stem. However, these types of sinks tend to be especially prone to leaking, so the problem might return down the road. If you have a cartridge faucet, you’ll need to replace the whole cartridge or the entire faucet.

Bangs, Screeches, and Squeals

You might notice bangs, screeches, or squeals when you turn on the water. These unexpected noises can be concerning. Stubborn bangs and thumps can even get bad enough to damage pipe connections. If your faucet is making loud noises, a plumber can help you decide how to fix it. It could be air in the line that will eventually pass or can be drained by opening all faucets for a few minutes. A plumber can put air chambers on both the hot and cold pipes, if necessary, to provide dampening for the hydraulic shocks that cause many loud noises.

Low Water Pressure

Assuming there is not a problem with the water supply, low water pressure could be caused by something as simple as a badly clogged aerator on the end of the faucet, which can be easily unscrewed for cleaning or replacement. Low pressure can also be caused by a damaged or dirty diverter inside the faucet. Fixing this problem involves taking the faucet apart and cleaning the diverter with vinegar to remove any buildup. If the issue continues, you may have to replace the diverter or consider whether the water supply pipe could be clogged.

Deciding how to fix a faucet problem can be a challenge, but a plumbing professional can diagnose the problem and do the repair work for you. If your faucet isn’t performing properly, you don’t have to live with it. You or a plumber can fix the issue so you can focus your attention on something else.

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