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  • 5 Different Options for iPhone Screen Repair in Vancouver?

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Have you damaged your iPhone screen? No worries! It is a common thing to do in Vancouver. You may have a shattered screen, but it can be repaired. You have 5 different options for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver. Let us not wait for any further and come to the 5 different options through which you can get your iPhone screen repaired:

1. Let Apple Do the Job to Repair the Screen:

Apple can repair your cell phone screen, but it would not do it for free. Even if your cellphone is in the warranty period, then accidental damage will still not be covered by the standard warranty. If you have paid for AppleCare+, you will still suffer an excess fee. Suppose if you do not have got AppleCare+, then the cost for your screen repair will be much higher. Apple company quotes different prices for screen repairs. For instance, the company will cost you $279 for cell phone repair in Vancouver without AppleCare+ if you own iPhone X. If you can afford to get your iPhone screen repaired from Apple, then you can go for it, but it will cost you enough money.

2. Let High-Street Retailer Do the Job to Repair the Screen:

A high-street retailer can be a one-stop-shop for all your needs including iPhone screen repair. A high-street retailer is an obvious option that comes to our minds when we damage our cellphone screens. You may prefer a high-street retailer, because in case if anything goes wrong with the repair; then you will know where you should go for a complaint. Yes, you are recommended to visit the retail shops in Vancouver; however, some reported cases have proved that some of the iPhone screens became unresponsive to touch after they went through repairing by high-street retailers. Moreover, some people faced upgrading issues for their iPhone after they went through repairing in a retail shop. So going to a high-street retailer is not always the best solution.

3. Let Online Repair Service Do the Job to Repair the Screen:

You also have an option to make the most of the online repair service. Online repair services for cell phone repair in Vancouver are becoming more popular among people, as they have made it convenient for people to avoid going to retail shops to get their cellphone parts repaired. Going online is a good option to get your iPhone screen repaired, but again it is not the cheapest option for getting your iPhone screen repaired. So the downside of the online repair service is its cost. For example, repairing the iPhone 5s screen may cost you around $79 if you have AppleCare+. Nowadays, you will uncover many online repair services for iPhone screen repair.

4. Let Your Home Be the Place to Repair the Screen:

Many people cannot wait for days to get their iPhone screen repaired, thus they opt for options that allow them to invite the repair service providers to their homes to get their iPhone screens repaired. In Vancouver, you will find companies that can come to your home to repair your iPhone screen depending on your location. Usually, the repair service providers may come to your home, take your phone with them, and get it repaired in 2 to 2hours. Then they will bring the phone with the repaired screen right back to your home. The repair service providers also offer services to repair tablets and laptops.

5. Let DIY (Do It Yourself) to Repair the Screen:

One more option that you are left with for iPhone screen repair in Vancouver is that you do the repairing all by yourself. If there is a scratch on your screen, then you will find a variety of home remedies to take care of a scratch. For instance, a car scratch removal cream may work for you to take care of the scratched screen. There are even more options for you. You can visit the online websites that provide tutorials to cellphone users like you on how to fix a damaged screen. So you should make the most of online resources to ensure that your cellphone gets repaired without costing you too much effort and money.


As a cellphone user in Vancouver, you have 5 different options to get your iPhone screen repaired. The obvious option is that you get it repaired from Apple, but it will cost you sufficient money. The second option is that you take it to a high-street retailer still, their repair service can cause more problems for you in the long run. Another option is that you go for an online repair service, but it will cost you too much money. The fourth option is that you let the repair service provider come to your home and take the cellphone with them to get your iPhone screen repaired in a quick time. Lastly, you can watch the online tutorials on how to repair the damaged iPhone screen to save as much money as you can.

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