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  • Dropped Your Phone? Protect It With These 4 Tips

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Our phones are as important to us as they are fragile. Keeping our smartphones in good condition is now a necessity for most people. Nevertheless, these devices remain sensitive and prone to damage. Most people have dropped their phone at least once in their life. If you’re in this position, you’re probably wondering what you can do to protect your phone. Here are a few suggestions.

Get a Better Case

You most likely already have a case, but how easy to grip is it? As case sizes have increased to keep up with bigger and bigger phones, they’ve become slippery and difficult to hold on to for many. Holding your phone with one of these cases in just one hand is uncomfortable. Instead, try a rubber or silicon case. It will absorb shock well, and the textures on rubber cases make them easier to grip.

You don’t have to sacrifice personality and flair for protection, either. Many phone cases, even the more durable ones, come in fun and flashy colors, patterns, and designs. Whether you prefer a solid color, showing off your favorite sports team or fandom, or just want something sturdy, there’s bound to be a good phone case out there for you. Phone stores, custom phone case shops and sellers, and even big box stores will all have a variety to choose from.

Screen Protectors

Having a case is important, but so are screen protectors. Without one, dropping your phone is still liable to crack your screen, even if your case protects the rest of the device. Some companies offer lifetime warranties with the purchase of their screen protectors, making it cheap and easy to protect your phone’s screen, as well as reinstall a protector should it become too cracked. Preserving your phone screen with a screen protector is paramount if you decide to upgrade your phone in the future and plan on either selling it or trading it in for a newer model.

Keep an Eye on It

Be vigilant about your phone. When you put it in your pocket, make sure you aren’t also holding any coins, keys, or anything else that’s sharp and hard in there as well. Doing so can harm your device, scratch your screen, and potentially damage any phone hardware, like volume buttons and speakers.

Avoid leaving your phone places where it’s likely to fall or sustain damage. One common place people leave their phone that leads to trouble is their back pocket. They sit on it without realizing it until it’s too late. Try to keep your phone in a side pocket, or in a special designated pocket inside a bag or backpack. If you’re on-the-go often, there are even some belt-mounted phone carrier options out there.

Make Sure There’s No Internal Damage

Check online to see if you’re near a cell phone repair shop. They’ll be able to safely open your phone and check the different parts inside the device to see if any internal damage occurred when you dropped it. Even if your screen appears to have no cracks in it, dropping your phone can still cause problems, so keep an eye on how it functions. In particular, iPhone repair mostly involves consulting repair technicians.

The most important thing is to think about what you’re doing with your phone as often as possible. Are you holding it in a precarious position? Are there animals or small children nearby who could knock it out of your hand? Being aware of your surroundings and taking measures to protect your phone goes a long way towards making this handy device last as long as possible.

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