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Your phone calls in the midst of the day. You are hesitant to answer since you do not recognize the number. Keep in mind that if it’s an unknown number, you should always pick it up in case it’s important. When you answer the phone, you hear a pre-recorded message rather than a live person. You’ve just gotten a spam call! Here’s what an unlawful robocall is and how you can safeguard yourself against them.

Ways to Know if That Spam Call is Illegal Robocalling

The Call Is Unsolicited

Most robocalls are unsolicited, which means you did not consent to the person contacting you. They discovered your phone number online or in some sort of database and decided to call you. These calls are usually from telemarketers trying to sell you something. They could also be from scammers attempting to dupe you into revealing your personal details or sending money. They might pretend to be your bank, your car warranty specialist, or an insurance agent.

The Call Uses an Automated Message

Robocalls usually use an automated message instead of a live person. This is done using a computer program that can dial phone numbers and play pre-recorded messages. Sometimes, the automated message will say that you’ve won a prize or that there is an emergency. Other times, it will be a sales pitch for a product or service. There will typically be a slight delay from when you answer to when the robot starts talking, this is a good indicator that you’ve just received a robocall.

The Call Is From an Unknown Number

Robocalls often appear as an unknown or masked number on your caller ID. This prevents you from blocking the call or calling back to complain. In some cases, the caller ID might show the real phone number of the person or company behind the robocall. However, this is becoming less common as scammers learn to mask their numbers. Some phone manufacturers are attempting to lessen the number of spam calls that go through to your phone. This is becoming increasingly difficult as spammers are getting smarter and finding new ways to block their numbers. Occasionally, you’ll receive a call with the same area code and the first few digits of the phone number as your number. This is one of the many ways spammers get through these blocks.

The Call Uses an Autodialer

An autodialer is a program that calls phone numbers and plays recorded messages automatically. Because they can make thousands of calls each hour, autodialers are widely utilized for robocalls. As people are continually assaulted with fresh calls, it is impossible for them to block or report them.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself From Illegal Robocalls?

There are a few things to help you stop spam calls. To begin, you can register with databases that bar unwanted calls to prevent most telemarketing calls from reaching your phone. It will not, however, prohibit other robocalls, such as scammers or political calls.

You can also use your phone to install call-blocking software. This will aid in the screening of calls and the blocking of numbers known to be linked with robocalls. Finally, calls from unknown numbers can be ignored. If the call is important, the other party will leave a voicemail.

Illegal robocalls are a nuisance, but there are methods to avoid them. You may help limit the number of unwanted calls you receive by being aware of the signals of a robocall and taking action to block them.

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