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  • 9 Advice How Writing Can Improve Your Emotional and Physical Health

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If you’re ever feeling unwell, and your emotional or physical health has been affected by things happening in your everyday life, writing could really offer you a way to deal with your emotions and thoughts. Writing can provide you with a healthy way to let out your emotions and help you understand how to better express how you feel.

While writing won’t be able to replace the significance of a therapist, it can help you feel more comfortable with letting your thoughts out. In a way, it can prepare you to take the first few steps in order to come in contact with a professional who can help you. Here are some pieces of advice you will need in order to use writing in order to improve your mental and physical health.

1. Reducing stress in your everyday life

The very first thing writing can help you with is finding a way to reduce stress in your daily life. One of the reasons why we get so stressed, is because don’t allow ourselves time to do something that doesn’t relate to our daily responsibilities. When you constantly have to think about something stressful, it is only normal for you to always be stressed.

Writing can help you find some alone-time in your everyday life, where you will just be able to gather your thoughts and only focus on creating a space which will make you calm and relaxed. You can light up some candles, pour yourself a drink and just focus on all the things you wish to get off your head by writing them down on your paper.

2. Being honest with yourself

Sometimes, we tend to be too harsh on ourselves or we might even let things pass as not important when in reality they will bother us for days. Writing gives you the opportunity to come face to face with yourself and express the way you feel without having to explain it to anyone else.

This can even be a step which will help you become more comfortable with writing and allow you to even pursue it as a profession in the future.

3. Understanding and accepting your emotions

One of the things that will truly allow you to see an improvement in your emotional and physical health is to understand why you feel a certain way and accepting it. This is the first step you will need to take in order to start the healing process.

For example, if you suffer from panic attacks, it will be really helpful for you to write down about how they make you feel and that it is okay to feel that way. The next time you will go through one, you will be more in control and it will be easier for you to realize why this is happening and how it affects you both mentally and physically.

4. Writing on a regular basis

Writing will be truly helpful only when you manage to keep a consistent writing schedule. Even if you are not to keep a daily journal, you should still make time to write a few days a week.

This will help you become more familiar with expressing yourself and you will be able to analyze your emotions and thoughts a lot easier, especially when you find yourself in a difficult or stressful situation.

5. Improving chronic illness or disease

Studies have shown that people who suffer from AIDS and cancer tend to be less nervous when writing and they manage to keep positive thoughts in, even when they are obligated to go through treatment. On the same note, people who suffer from chronic asthma attacks have fewer attacks if they consistently write about how they feel and what causes these attacks.

Writing can help you better understand your condition, come to terms with it and allow you to realize that it is a part of yourself which will need to be accepted. Whether you can change it or not, you should still make an effort to live with it. The more in terms you’ve come with it, the easier it will be for you to handle and the less stressed and worn-out you will be.

6. Finding what triggers certain emotions and reactions

You might have noticed that there are certain things which make you feel a certain way from time to time. For example, you might feel stressed if you are surrounded by a large group of people or you might feel really worn-out if you spend a few minutes in a really small space.

All of these situations can be considered the triggers which end up making you feel upset or tired or stressed. Writing can help you keep track of how you feel on a daily basis and what causes you to feel a certain way. It will be a lot easier for you to keep these situations from happening if you know exactly what it is that bothers you.

7. Writing about the goals you wish to achieve

One of the things that writing can help you with is allowing you to envision yourself if you manage to overcome the things that trouble you. Sometimes, you might need some extra motivation in order to pick up a sport or a new hobby or start being more social.
You have the power to help yourself do more things which will promote your mental and physical health and writing can help you find a way to see exactly what your body needs and how you can achieve it.

8. Keeping track of your progress

After successfully starting your writing process, you should always pick a day of the week or month in order to give yourself a pat on the back and see just how far you’ve come.

Keeping track of how you’re doing will help you keep writing and also improving your daily life and actions. Even if you haven’t managed to achieve much though, you should not be upset or discouraged. Change takes time and the only way to get better is by making mistakes and learning from them.

9. Sharing your notes with your therapist

Last but not least, writing can help you with learning what it is like to share what you have in your head with someone else. That someone else will be you in the beginning, but when you feel comfortable enough, you should definitely start letting a trained professional into the way that you think.

This will help them get a better understanding of you as a character and it will allow them to offer you better solutions to your mental and physical problems.

How has writing helped you overcome your own emotional and physical health issues?

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