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Whenever the term “unplug” is mentioned, there are three things that come to mind. First is the literal unplugging or disconnecting an electronic device from its power source. Next is in musical shows, where artists who are known to perform using special electronic instruments, will make use of acoustic instruments instead. Lastly, it’s about getting a break from the tumultuous daily grind you go on through each day. There are several reasons why people should get “unplugged.”

Here are the ways on how to do it:

Do not bring your work at home

Most folks have that misconception that people who stay late hours in the office are model employees. So those whose schedule doesn’t permit them to stay late bring home their work instead. Doing your work at home may be productive for the company you’re working for, but in the long run, it’s not. To be productive at work, you should be healthy. And getting enough rest for a day is part of being healthy. And besides, your contract in your company doesn’t mention you should be working for more than twelve hours a day.

Turn off your phone when you are on vacation or leave

It is very easy to do this if your position in the company if you are not a part of the upper-rank hierarchy. But if you belong to middle management, it would be a little bit different, and difficult as well. Your responsibilities require your judgment and proper decision-making, so if you are out on vacation or leave, you will be asked to keep your lines open. It is a bit off because, at the back of your mind, you know that a lot is at stake. Your head will be full of “what if’s,” “how will they’s,” and other stressful thoughts about work.

Afterward, you’re going to open your phone; and then they will be calling you over the end of the day! The next thing you know, your vacation or leave is already ruined. Word of advice: before taking that leave, make sure that you can rely on the person you will leave your position until your vacation is over. Make sure he is fully trained and up for the tasks. Remember that your leave entitles you to these moments of peace and relaxation. You will be full of energy and delight, once when you get back to work.

Lunchtime means break time

Some employees have what they call a “power lunch” where they conduct their meetings while eating. Others skip having lunches because they do not like the food in their place. In some countries, most of their office workers do not stop their work at noon. Rather, they would continue doing their jobs while they eat their lunch. These practices are somehow.

Set your boundaries: Do not let a smartphone run your life

Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential part of anybody’s life. People carry it with them every day to work, to school, even to important places and events. Where and when do people use their smartphones? Here they are:

  • We use our smartphones to connect with other people online.
  • We use them to take photographs.
  • We use them to take notes, either at work or in school.
  • We use them to make appointments.
  • We use them to play games, either online or offline.
  • We use them to pay for our bills.
  • We use them to video-document different events in our lives.
  • We sue them to watch our favorite online series.
  • We use them when we want to go shopping or order food for take-out.
  • We use them whenever we need directions when we are driving.
  • They sometimes serve as data storage devices.
  • We use them to set alarms in the morning to wake us up.

As you can see, a smartphone can cover almost any aspect of people’s lives. We use them every day, but we need to set boundaries. How do we do it? Here are some suggestions:

  • Do not bring smartphones during a meeting.
  • Write your notes on paper.
  • Do not let family members bring their smartphones on the dinner table during mealtime.
  • Try to shut down your smartphone during retreats, dates, or church time.
  • Do not let your children get consumed by a smartphone at an early age.
  • If you need to contact your kids when they are at school, give them feature phones instead of a smartphone.
  • If you want to watch movies at home, watch it on your television, or, better yet, get a portable DVD player.

Unplug to hear your actual sound

Some people are fond of listening to artists that play loud and vexing music. Musical types like electronica, industrial-techno music, music remixes, and others are among them. Chances are, you may be experiencing a crisis that you do not know how to resolve. These are common among teenagers that undergo puberty, but if you’re no longer a teenager, perhaps you are trying to avoid something in your life. Music can soothe savage beasts.

And the best way to soothe something savage is to play unplugged music. Once you hear music from an acoustic set, or, if you have the means, an orchestra, you will understand what I mean. The same applies to people’s lives. Unplugging helps you hear what your inner-being is telling you for the longest time.

Unplug to save energy

It applies not only to electronic devices but also to people’s lives. Studies show that unplugging certain devices help save electricity. According to the US Department of Energy, in an average energy bill, nine percent accounts for the consumption of household appliances. Another nine percent accounts for the energy consumption of computers and other electronics. It is best to plug them whenever they’re needed and unplug afterward. Unplugging can also help us become conscious of our environment.

There will be moments when you think unplugging is going to be bad for you. You may think about your job, your friends & colleagues, or probably you may be thinking of the episodes you will miss out on your favorite series. In a way, there will be times when you need to be “plugged-in.” But never spoil your moment whenever you are “unplugged.” A word of advice, if you decide to get unplugged, do it moderately. A sudden “pull” on the plug, does not always yield great outcomes.

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