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In different parts of the world, people use candles to bring out and set the mood. Lighting candles after filling your bathtub ensures relaxation while you soak. When you are out on a romantic dinner, candles bring out a conducive ambiance that lasts. They make the event special. That is why most couples prefer candle-lit dinners to regular light ones.

Once you see the importance of candles, you cannot miss them in your shopping cart. However, not many people welcome the idea of having candles for any type of therapy. They don’t believe that candles can offer more than just light. Well, that is where they are wrong. Candles have a plethora of categories that include scented and crystal candles. Read on to find out more about a particular category called crystal candles.

What are Crystal Candles?

You are probably used to hearing of the scented candles for romantic getaways and much more. However, other candles offer more than just the scent. These are crystal candles. They are a combination of scented candles and crystals found on earth for healing purposes. Aside from filling the air in your home with a divine fragrance, crystal candles replace negative energy with good feels.

Candles are the best place to have the crystals so that as they burn, they reveal the crystal that was hidden in them. Once revealed, you can take it out and tuck it in your purse or pocket to carry around to get good energy.

What are Crystal Candles Used for?

Crystals generate from the earth. There is a narrative that crystals are linked to the earth’s energy that brings change to one’s life. Although you might think that this tale of the crystal is medieval, it works for those who try it. Crystals aid in bringing a positive experience to people, and that is why they are loved. With a positive outlook on life comes good energy.

In ancient times, people used crystals found in the earth’s crust for healing purposes. They believed that the crystals provided certain positive energy and hence healed an ailing person. After some time, most people began having the crystals with the intent to heal or as a good luck charm. Although there hasn’t been scientific proof of what happens with the crystals, people who use them today always have positive feedback.

How to Use a Crystal Candle?

First, you have to identify what you lack to purchase a corresponding crystal candle. Your intuition will help you choose the right crystal candle. For healing purposes, go for the one that corresponds with your ailments.

Once you have your intention candle, place it right next to your bed or the place where you rest and light it. When it is on, try and set your intentions. You can do this by spending about a minute or two to visualize what you want the candle to do for you. For instance, when using the crystal candle for healing purposes, envision yourself as well and in better health than ever.

Repeat this process every night or as many times as possible. While at it, don’t forget to visualize your intention. Just imagine that the flame is guarding you in healing light. Let the candle burn for a while longer.


For a crystal candle to work, fill yourself with positivity. Tell the people around you to remain positive. Also, don’t brand the illness. Make sure you are visualizing only positivity. Try some of these candles to fill yourself with the right energy and your intentions fulfilled. Once you surround yourself with positive energy, then everything that is good shall follow you.

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