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Unless you have an advanced degree in holistic medicine, it can be intimidating to make sense of the health and wellness section of your local pharmacy. But in the same way that you expect your physician to provide you with medical guidance, you should be able to find a trusted source for researching and buying health and wellness products.

Fortunately, a lot of platforms have stepped up to the mantle. But not all of them are made equally. These are the expectations you should have when looking for a health and wellness marketplace.

An Emphasis on Healthy Self-Care

Too much of our culture enforces unhealthy fitness and body expectations for both men and women, but many in the health and beauty industry are leading the charge to change that.

Body positivity should be a core value of a health and wellness retailer, and that core value should be reflected in the variety of products. After all, self-care and body positivity only matter if there are options customized to the different bodies and experiences that exist in the world. How does that manifest? By offering multivitamins targeted at multiple different generational groups and supplements that can be combined—offering a comprehensive approach to self-care that’s focused on the unique needs of your body.

And a Willingness to be Frank

Marketing and advertising often speak about women’s biology and health conditions in couched euphemisms, as if to shame basic bodily functions. But the simple fact is that sex—and basic biology—can be messy.

Women deserve a health and beauty marketplace that cares about the physiological issues they deal with. Whether that means boric acid suppositories for treating yeast infections or cleanup kits for after sex, you need a health and wellness site that treats you like an adult—and understands the specific issues you’re dealing with.

That Can Also be a Source of Information

You don’t need to see a pharmacist in person to break down the various health products on the market and how they work, and you don’t need to go diving down a WebMD rabbit hole either. Sites like Love Wellness are as much a repository for useful women’s health information as they are shopping sites. They also offer a quiz you can take to determine what sort of products would be right for your lifestyle.

Technological developments are increasingly allowing brands to offer bespoke experiences that are tailored to your specific needs. That’s as true for the health and wellness market as anywhere else, and it’s a privilege that all of us deserve and most of us, fortunately, can afford.

And is Flexible to Your Lifestyle

Whether you need a simple treatment to balance your pH levels right now or a long-term subscription for vitamins and supplements, you deserve a brand that’s going to get you what you need—rather than delivering an experience that you just have to adjust to suit your needs.

Brands like Love Wellness let you stock up as much or as little as you like, and subscriptions offer the opportunity to save even more on your health and wellness products. It’s also worth looking at what sort of rewards programs health and wellness sites offer. Many can offer enough generous perks to put them over the edge in terms of value.

Taking the time to research a good health and wellness shop is worth your time, but we can tell you a great place to start: Love Wellness. Their passion for their products shines through in everything they do, and it’s backed by a confident approach to retail that respects the differences in all of their customers.

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