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  • Major Pros And Cons Of Selling Software On Cloud Marketplaces

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In the past, when a company wanted to buy a cloud-based application of software, they needed to contact a broker who would introduce the businesses to other businesses dealing in cloud-based products.

The buying process of s single software tool was used to be quite complex. And to have a better understanding of the tools and how they can be beneficial for the business, needed a lot of demo practices.

But today, the thighs have changed. Today, we have cloud marketplaces like google cloud marketplace where we can get all the relevant cloud-based products and services efficiently. In fact, the buying process is also simple to get through.

Since the first concept of cloud computing in the market, the cloud computing industry has exploded with new cloud computing platforms and marketplaces.

What Is A Cloud Marketplace?

In simple terms, a cloud marketplace is an application marketplace. It is a place where all the B2B buyers and sellers share their space and become a part of the buying and selling action.

Cloud marketplace offers different features depending on what you are doing on the platform. Here are a few tithing functionalities that you can enjoy from a cloud marketplace.

  • Simple Listing.
  • Comparison.
  • Demos.
  • Status on the purchasers.
  • Instant buying & selling operation.

Pros Of Selling Software On Cloud marketplace

There is no secret to how effective cloud marketplace has been for the business of small sizes. The evolution of the industry where customers and businesses can engage online is thanks to the cloud marketplace.

Here are a few pros that will further highlight the benefits of the Cloud Marketplace.

Full Range Of Available Apps

One of the biggest benefits for customers is that they can have all the cloud-based applications and tools to choose from in one place. According to Curata, more than 57% of conversion takes place due to the sheer number of options available.

Self Service Capabilities

If you are looking for a more controlled cloud experience, the Cloud marketplace might be the right place for you. Yes, there are still many budget limits and limits to approved buyers, the time and effort between making profits decreases significantly.

Cost Savings

The cloud marketplace allows you to trade with capital expenses for variable expenses. And only pay for the amount of space you are consuming. This accurately charges for the space you are using and not for space that you have never used.

Cons Of Selling On Cloud Marketplace

Despite being one of the initiators of the modern-day industry, the Cloud marketplace still lacks some of the avenues. Here are a few cons that will highlight the aspects it needs to work on.

Presence Of The Middleman

The new surge of economic websites was a great success because people were free from all those middlemen charging high prices of the products. Online shopping is popular because there are no middle man charges, and hence the price of the products and services are lower than the traditional market.

However, with the cloud marketplace, customers get middleman services. Although customers are buying products from individual software vendors, at the same time, they are not; because the marketplace is acting as a middleman for their purchases.

Lacks Interactive Platforms

Just accept it; the marketplace is one of the boring eCommerce platforms that lack the right content to educate theory audiences. Cloud marketplace hardly has any videos to educate the audiences about the product they wish to purchase.

What Do You Think?

That being said, now you know the pros and cons that are associated with the Cloud marketplace. You must have your own thoughts regarding which side of the coin you are. If you do have anything to say about the cloud marketplace, you are more than welcome to do so. In fact, we believe that sharing different thoughts and opinions further fertilizes our own thoughts and reasoning.

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