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  • The Best Wedding Nail Designs

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If you’re planning your wedding, there are like five million things on your mental checklist that you need to get done for the big day. You’ve got your dress, guest list, your invitations, your gift registry, your decorations, table setting, vegetarian options for your menu, and oh! The cake! And are you doing a cash bar or an open bar?

Even if you’re the maid of honor, you have a few things on your plate as well. Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid, or even a guest, you’re going to have to plan what you want your nails to look like when the time comes. That’s why we’ve got you covered with the best wedding nails, no matter who you are at the wedding.

The Classic French Manicure

Always in style, this classic nail choice will go with anything and everything. It has become the gold standard, a timeless nail look that you can wear whether you’re the bride or an old college roommate of the bride. It’s understated but never boring, and you literally cannot go wrong with a French tip manicure at any occasion.

Go Nude

Not your body, please, just your nail color. A simple, solid shade that matches your skin color screams class. This is also another style that will look good no matter what you’re wearing on the rest of your body. This one is especially good for bridesmaids or guests, because if you are in one of those categories, you don’t want to outshine the bride on her day. A nude nail is also very easy to make happen if you got invited last minute, or if you totally forgot that the wedding was this Saturday, not next Saturday.


It’s a wedding, so white is the whole vibe anyway. If you tried the whole nude nail at the last wedding you were at, and you’re looking for something a little different but not too flashy, a simple white nail is exactly what you’re looking for. This one is also perfect for brides who want the dress and the ring (of course) to be the star of the show with no distraction.

Sparkles for the Bride

If it’s your wedding day and you’re the bride, this is all about you. You can shamelessly and proudly be the center of attention (as well you should), and doing a little extra is not only acceptable, but expected. Take your nails up a notch by adding rhinestone gems or something glittery to your nails.

If it’s your thing, you can do a little more by adding a small gemstone design to your nails as well. A line, zig zag or v-shape outlined in small crystals could be just the thing your wedding dress needs to take your look to the next level.

Silver or Gold

A solid metallic is also a great option for nail color on the wedding day. Think of metallics as spicy neutrals, they have some serious sparkle and shine, but they are still neutral enough to not clash with any single color. To decide which goes better, take into consideration what your undertones are; are they more warm or cool? The same goes for your outfit. If you’re wearing warm colors, like browns, beiges or pinks, go for gold. If you’re wearing blues, greens and purples, a silver nail will look better.

Whichever nail design you decide to go for on this special day, you can make it easy by buying yourself some press on nails. This takes all the work out of it so that you can focus on the things that really matter, and the most important part of it all: love.

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