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Name day is a popular celebration in European countries where individuals are named after a Saint that represents a given month. In Greece, if is celebrated by handing over Naming Day cards and flowers to the celebrant just like birthdays. However, the occasion is restricted to invites nowadays but any is welcomed to send gifts to celebrate the Name Day occasion.

Finding the right Name Day gift is tricky but don’t worry, here are 10 ideal last minute gifts for your loved ones or friends.

Gift Baskets

gift baskets

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are somehow cliché, but if you are rushing to get a great gift for that special person, then it will make the perfect gift to wish someone happy Name Day wishes. Gift baskets are found in gift stores or any convenient store. If the gift basket is for your girlfriend, you can fill it with beauty products or makeups. If it is for your boyfriend or brother, then great delicacies like chocolate cookies and snacks will be perfect since the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach. For a working celebrant, you can take or send the gift to their workplace to make it special.

Name Days Flowers

name days flowers

Name Days Flowers

Flowers make the best Naming Day gifts for any special occasion and you can get them in any flower shop or delivery service. Any type of flower will be appropriate provided they are colourful and vibrant. Flowers are also used to complement other gifts and make them grand. If you are getting flowers for your lover, a lovely bouquet of red roses would be appropriate. Different colour tulip is also sweet to give that explosion of joy and happiness to the recipient. For the best flowers, CosmeaGardens flower delivery in Greece has all you need.

Name Day Cake

name day cake

Name Day Cake

What’s a Name Day celebration without cake? Unless you have diabetes or watching your weight, cakes are great gifts for any special person. Celebrating a Name Day is a big deal and a delicious cake will make it even better. Whether it’s a chocolate cake or a cream cake, all are appreciated. Order in advance at any local bakery or if you are gifted in baking, try baking one and decorate it well to look appealing to the celebrant. Present a delicious cake with lovely flowers and you will surely make a statement.

Beauty Spa

beauty spa

Beauty Spa

For that special lady who you treasure so much in your life, use this occasion to reward her with a nice treat at a beauty spa. Ladies love to look and a beauty spa wills the perfect gift for her. She’s been so sweet and good to you so make her feel appreciated. You can book an appointment at your local beauty spa or arrange for home spa session. A spa helps ladies to relax and sooth their skin to feel and look rejuvenated. Since on that day she would be caught up with the celebratory activities, why not do it a day before?

A Bottle of Champagne

bottle of champagne

Bottle of Champagne

It is a great time to get together with friends and loved ones for grand Name Day celebration so why not make it memorable by providing a champagne bottle as a gift for the celebrant. Popping champagne is exciting and brings that sensation feeling of jubilation. As you are rushing to make it to the Name Day celebration and don’t know what to get as a gift, pass by a convenient store and pick a bottle of champagne.


jewellery gift

Jewellery Gift

Jewellery is a girl’s best friend and any lady can appreciate it; whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, or a simple ring, they are all impressive. You know what kind of jewellery looks good her so get her the best stunning one. A simple silver or gold necklace will do or if you settle for a ring, personalize it by engraving his or her name. This gift will make the occasion memorable for a long time.

A Pet

pet gifts

Pet Gifts

Pets are awesome and adorable; anyone would love and appreciate them as gifts. Whether it’s a little puppy, a kitten, or a bird, they all make perfect Name Day gifts. You don’t have struggle so much, just go to a pet shop or animal orphanage and buy on. However, it’s important to know if the recipient has any allergic reactions to far to avoid buying a gift that will harm him or her. Pet gifts work for both girls and boys so it doesn’t matter who the gift is for. Pets also help individuals to develop a sense of responsibility.

A Smart Watch

smart watch gift

Smart Watch Gift

Men just like boy’s fancy gizmos to play with and show off. That is how we were programmed. Do have a brother, a boyfriend or a nephew celebrating his Name Day? Don’t struggle so much finding the best gift, especially if he’s is a teenager. A smart watch will make an awesome gift. This fancy gadget doesn’t only tell time but also playback great tunes and even make calls. You can connect it to a Bluetooth speaker and listen to your best jams.

Gift Cards

gift cards

Gift Cards

If you find it hard to get a gift, try out a gift card. One superb thing about gift cards is that they are available in many price tags and you can get one that is affordable. Gift cards also allow the celebrant to get what he or she likes. Gift cards can also be sent to the recipient if you won’t be physically available. This nice gesture will be appreciated highly.

A Smartphone

smartphone gifts

Smartphone Gifts

A Smartphone also make superb happy Name Day gifts for anyone celebrating his or her Name Day. Technology has greatly improved and Smartphone’s are available in various makes and brands. Teenagers love them to stay connected with friends so get them the latest versions in the market. They are also available in different colours for both girls and boys.

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