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  • 35 Finest Coffee Table Styling Ideas – How To Decorate a Coffee Table

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A well-chosen coffee table can revamp the look of your sitting space. A coffee table gives the first impression to the guests and its décor should never be taken as a simple matter. In addition to using flowers, books, and trays, you just need some flair and creativity to add glamour to your coffee table.

Coffee table, in fact, goes well with any space at the home. Either at sit out, or in the middle of the hall, or in a big balcony with ample space with chairs around to spend beautiful evenings, or in your lawn amidst the green lush grass – a coffee table is a must piece of furniture in everyone’s house. In offices and business places too, one can never imagine a reception area without a coffee table. Either to place newspapers handy to the visitors or to show off your style and taste, nothing can accomplish this more easily than a coffee table.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful to serve tea and snacks to guests on a statement-making coffee table? It will definitely be. Another advantage with a coffee table is that it is easy to maintain and portable to place as per your taste and imagination. If you are looking for ideas to decorate your coffee table, you are in the right place.

Either it is chic, or contemporary, wooden made or born of glass, we have a huge set of ideas to style your coffee table, which will grab attention and praise from your guests.

1. Go Monochromatic

monochromatic coffee table

Monochromatic Coffee Table

A simple monochromatic coffee table with a contrast tray and flower vase! An awesome combination!!

2. Unleash your artistry

handmade artwork coffee table

Handmade Artwork Coffee Table

How about an eye-catching art just near your coffee table? Say hand sculpted figurine or a handmade artwork.

3. Bring in Leather

leather bounded book near coffee table

Leather Bounded Book near Coffee Table

Leather bounded book can give that rustic look to your coffee table. Give a try!

4. Single and stylish

stylish coffee table

Stylish Coffee Table

Instead of dumping multiple décor pieces, keep only one decorative piece that is absolutely stylish and creating a statement.

5. Don’t forget the heritage

heritage item near coffee table

Heritage Item near Coffee Table

Do you have a decorative piece that your grandma has passed on to you or a wooden item that has been gifted by ancestors? Use it near your coffee table.

6. Go mystic

Add a mystic piece of décor onto your coffee table. (Keep in mind to use only this and nothing else on the coffee table.)

7. Customize it

coffee table designed

Coffee Table Designed

Get your own coffee table designed. Three layers? Five legs? Quirky edges? Use your creativity.

8. Use a pouf

pouf along with your coffee table

Pouf Along With Your Coffee Table

Give your coffee table a new friend. Place a matching or contrasting pouf along with your coffee table.

9. Put books for a use

books on your coffee table

Books on Your Coffee Table

Book lover? Place colorful and interesting books on your coffee table.

10. Go Retro

Old fashion is evergreen! Try retro style for the top of the coffee table and its décor.

11. Show your statement

statement coffee table

Statement Coffee Table

Go stylish and pick a statement table. You may or may not add any decorations, still, the table will speak on its own!

12. Light the lights

stylish lights near coffee table

Stylish Lights Near Coffee Table

Hang light weighted chandeliers or simple stylish lights just above your coffee table.

13. Make best out of waste

old materials items on coffee table

Old Materials Items on Coffee Table

Put old materials to use and recreate a new piece of décor out of them. Use it at your coffee table.

14. Go glassy

Glass top catches the attention instantly compared to wooden ones.

15. Balance it

monochromatic rug under coffee table

Monochromatic Rug Under Coffee Table

If another furniture is heavy, opt for a simple design of a coffee table and spread a monochromatic rug under it.

16. Create height

Check the wall height at your coffee table and plan for higher height roof at it. It gives a spacious look to the sitting space.

17. Experiment with more than one

coffee tables pair

Coffee Tables Pair

Who said there should be only one coffee table? Try a pair of complimentary coffee tables and place them one beside the other.

18. Play with tray

shaped tray on the coffee table

Shaped Tray on the Coffee Table

Use a different shaped tray on the coffee table to garner the attention of guests.

19. Let the flowers do their magic

flowers on the coffee table

Flowers on the Coffee Table

Place fresh flowers in an eye-catching vase and place in the middle of your coffee table.

20. Play with space beneath the coffee table

If your coffee table is see-through, use it wisely to display additional décor items that you have.

21. Let your knickknacks see the light

Proud owner of cute knickknacks? Set them wisely on your coffee table.

22. Go legless

base coffee table

Base Coffee Table

Who said coffee table needs to have legs? Buy a solid coffee table without any legs.

23. Parallel tables

Lay two long and slim coffee tables one beside the other. Keep a vase in the space created.

24. Add stools

coffee table with a pair of stools

Coffee Table with a Pair of Stools

Couple your coffee table with a pair of stools. Let the combo play the magic!

25. Stick to theme

Have a theme in mind? Go ahead with that and stick to it.

26. Organize properly

Use trays or stylish organizers to arrange items on the coffee table.

27. Don’t overdo it

Keep coffee table simple with crisp décor. Don’t go overboard.

28. Try terracotta

terracotta items on coffee table

Terracotta Items on Coffee Table

Terracotta items come in various sizes, right from trays to statues. Choose one that steals your heart and use it to decorate your coffee table.

29. Play with pebbles

Do you know you can decorate your coffee table sections with pebbles?

30. Use a matching carpet

carpet under coffee table

Carpet Under Coffee Table

Choose carpet wisely – either it can be same color or contrast. Anything will look good. Keep in mind the color of other furniture too.

31. Go minimalistic

Use only one piece – tray or another item – to grab the attention. Remember, minimalistic is the new mantra.

32. Trendy mood?

Want to play trendy? Try different shaped legs and tops for the coffee table.

33. Compartmentalize

IF coffee table is longer, make compartments out of it and decorate accordingly.

34. Tried two-tier table?

Try this. You can play with flowers, pebbles, knickknacks all at once!

35. Ditch that side table

Do not use a side table and coffee table both at once. Place only coffee table and make sure it is the eye-catcher.

Ready to try these ideas? Go ahead and make your mark!

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