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  • DIY How to Decorate Your Aircon Using Recycled Items at Home

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The eye usually skips over air conditioning units while looking at the design of a room or space. They are among those items at home that do not seem to be a part of interior design. But they can be decorative elements themselves and have a sleek design that may complement the style of a piece of furniture or a displayed artwork. There are many ways to decorate your aircon at home without spending a lot of money, including the use of recycled items listed below.


Using a curtain is a creative and simple way to decorate your aircon at home with little effort, using recycled items. You can use an old thin fabric for the curtain to enable the cold air to easily circulate when the unit is in use. For a seamless look, use a fabric color that blends well with the walls and items in the room. If the overall style of your room is minimalist, you can highlight the air conditioner with a brightly colored or attractively patterned fabric. On the other hand, if the room already has intricate designs or numerous decorative elements, you can tone it down by choosing a fabric with neutral colors or simple patterns.


If you have some used lumbers and sheets of plywood or plyboard at home, you can recycle them to fabricate a cabinet that will decoratively house your air conditioner. The cabinet can have multiple layers of shelves, with the top layer having hinged doors or covers that can be closed to conceal the aircon when it is not in use. You can place decorative objects on the lower, open shelves such as figurines, picture frames, flower vases, books, indoor plants, and many more. The color of the cabinet ideally contrasts with the wall background. The cabinet can either be painted a solid color or veneered with a wood-design laminate.

Flower Vase:

Some air conditioning units are installed in such a way that they protrude from the wall. This protrusion enables you to use the unit as a wall-mounted shelf, so you can put ornamental items on it like an old flower vase. This is a great idea for homeowners who want to add a touch of nature to their interior design. But make sure that the vase does not have any leaks through which water can pass and seep into the air conditioner and ultimately damage it. If it is a tiny, potted indoor plant, avoid watering it too much.


If your room has just been painted and there are excess gallons of paint at the ready, you can use them to either neutralize or spice up the appearance of your unit. If your wall is yellow, for example, you can conceal the unit by simply painting it yellow, so it will appear as if it is part of the wall. However, this trick works best if the unit is installed close to the ceiling or floor. Otherwise, you will have to be creative in using colors. If you are not an artistic person, you can invite a friend to paint your aircon into a piece of art to resemble a wall hanging. To make the area look like a small art gallery, surround the transformed aircon with complementary old artworks that you may have been ignoring for so long in the storage.

Metal Panel:

Do you have an old decorative metal panel that has not been used for years? Good thing you have not disposed of this item as it can be used to decorate your air conditioner at home. All you need to do is position the panel in front of the unit to make it less noticeable. The good part of this recycled item is that it is not a solid panel so the cool air coming from the aircon can easily pass through it. You can place a console table in front of the panel and add ornamental objects on the table to make it more interesting.

Window Shutters:

Another good way of decorating your aircon using recycled items at home is by making it look like a window. A pair of old, obsolete window shutters can be recycled and installed on both sides of the aircon, directly attached to the wall, in such a way that it mimics a real window. These shutters can be closed when the aircon is not in use. You can paint them a color that will make the “window” the focal point of the room. If you want a rustic look, retaining the old, damaged paint of the shutters is a good idea.

There is no doubt that an air conditioner is essential, but it can be an eyesore in your home. The style of your selected unit from an appliance center may not complement the overall appearance of your room. Using recycled items to decorate your aircon can save you money and will let you give your personal touch to the interior design of your home.

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