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If you are thinking about buying a new air conditioner or planning to shift your old AC to a new location, you must be worried about air conditioner installation. However, there is no need to panic in this case. There are many highly experienced companies, who specialize in installing AC machines. These companies provide highly affordable and fast service.

Your AC will be installed and work perfectly in no time at all. It is best to get professional help, as if you try to install an AC machine by yourself, you can take up a lot of time due to inexperience in handling the machine. In addition, you may end of being injured.

Types of air conditioning systems

There are broadly two types of ACs – central and decentralized air condition systems:

  • Central air conditioning: In central air conditioning systems, the functions of air treatment – air extraction, filtering, temperature control, humidification, and dehumidification – are carried out in a central supply of air. An exhaust air device has to be established in the air conditioner installation process. From the device, air ducts are distributed to the individual rooms. For central air conditioning systems, a distinction is made between combined air / water systems and air-only systems.
  • Air / water systems: Part of the temperature control takes place in this construction on cooling systems, (radiators, cooling ceiling), while the tempering of the supplied outside air, air extraction, filtration, humidification, and dehumidification remains in the central unit. This design allows a strong cooling / heating of the room even with moderate air promotion.
  • Air-only systems: In this air conditioner installation, the complete conditioning of the room is done exclusively with the supplied air. Air-only systems are used when, for special reasons, waterborne surface heating or cooling systems in the room are to be avoided, or when larger rooms such as halls, auditoriums, theaters, meeting rooms, or the like have to be air-conditioned.
  • Decentralized air conditioning system: These systems have emerged from window cooling units, such as those long used in the hot regions of Asia and the Americas, by adding a ventilation and heating function. Decentralized air conditioning systems are preferably provided for retrofitting into individual rooms. The comfort requirements may be compromised by air quality, noise, humidity, draft, and hygiene. This may be because outside air, which is contaminated with traffic facades, is led into the room. The exhaust air blown out through the façade is sucked in again. In addition, compressor noise and traffic noise penetrate the room along with the fan noise via the façade openings.
air conditioning installation

Air Conditioning Installation

Decentralized systems are of two types:

  • Split devices: In the case of air conditioner installation of a decentralized unit in the form of a split unit, the refrigerant is compressed outdoors, while the air treatments (air delivery, filtration, and temperature control) are carried out in the room to be cooled. In many small appliances, only the room air is circulated and thereby cooled.
  • Mono block devices: Here, all the components are in a single housing, which is located in the room to be cooled. It has at least one exhaust hose, through which, it blows hot air usually through a (otherwise sealed) window gap. To equalize the pressure, it is then necessary that the space to be cooled have a sufficient crack and gaps, in order to suck in air again accordingly. This sucked warm air reduces the efficiency of the device.

It can be concluded, there are different kinds of air conditioning systems, and each has a specific installation method. For best results, it is best to hire a professional to take care of air conditioner installation.

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