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One of the most spectacular facts about the city of Bucharest is that it houses the world’s second largest building (the Pentagon being the first). The Parliament Palace also referred to as the people’s house is home to the Romanian parliament seat, the chamber of deputies, and the Senate. With an area and a volume of roughly 365,000m2 and 2,550,000m3, as well as the height of 84m, this majestic building is also regarded as one of the world’s heaviest buildings to date.

However, Bucharest’s popular attractions are not limited only to monolithic political structures. Oh, no – there are other many other reasons why this city is regularly featured on tourism maps. It has various exciting and peculiar attractions that spark interest in people all over the world. A good number of visitors even have their stag do adventures in Bucharest because of substantially low-cost leisure, high-class entertainment, and gorgeous women. It may take you some time to visit them all, of course, but here are some trumps as to why Bucharest is a perfect European gateway.

Rich history

If you visit this destination, you will learn from the locals first-hand about the turbulent yet mesmerizing history of the country, which is deeply interlinked with the rest of Europe. There is a presence of the old-world architecture that is just dying for you to photograph it. You will be able to take a walk through the winding streets that were built during the interwar and the brutal boulevards built during the strict communist era. Moreover, if you want to know more about the rich history of the European, visiting the Museum of National History will help you reveal all the intricate, intense, and sometimes gruesome details of the nation’s copious past.

The streets are safe

Interestingly enough, Bucharest officials are quite known for their corruption and bribery but when it comes to crime rates – the city is deemed one of the safest cities/capitals in Europe. Every year, the level of crime just seems to subside year after year, regardless of the fact that there are frequent political turmoils and demands for change of government representatives and policies.

Great nightlife

Some parts of Bucharest are packed with nightclubs, casinos, bars, and terraces – everything needed for bustling nightlife. Popular nightclubs like Gaia Boutique Club, Expirat, and Control regularly host performances and concerts by international DJs and local musicians. If you are a party animal then Bucharest is the best place to be in because many trashy yet incredibly contagious hit songs stemmed from Romania. And you probably know them all – you are just not aware of that fact yet!

Lipscani District is the perfect starting point for a night of pure unadulterated fun. Apart from the solidified status as the Old Center of the city – it is a popular entertainment hotspot resting close to the grandiose Herastrau Park bisected by the Colentina River.

Budget destination

Of course, the budget is one of the primary factors when deciding on which destination to visit. The good news about Bucharest is that it ranks among the most pocket-friendly European cities. There is an array of direct and cheap flights heading directly to the capital of Romania from various airports across the continent. You can also choose from a variety of decently priced accommodation facilities and eat quality food in restaurants that won’t wreak havoc on your wallet. Additionally, public transport is quite affordable so you won’t have to worry about spending too much dough on pretty much everything that comes to mind.

Family fun

Bucharest is also a family-friendly destination. There are plenty of things for the children to do in this capital, including visiting farms and adventure parks from where they can learn a lot about nature and animals. Some of the larger parks, such as Herastrau and Tineretului, have recreation areas for children, and the Natural History Museum will certainly captivate their attention.

Less crowded

If you visit major European destinations like Paris or Rome, you can certainly expect a lot of crowds – which can at times be annoying. Bucharest, on the other hand, is still an underdog destination. But do not be deceived by the assumptions that Romania does not have to offer as much as other European countries. The country’s popularity is on a steady rise so it is advised that you visit the city before it starts overflowing with tourists. There are still no overly-occupied attractions and long queues to agitate newcomers. Book your plane tickets and get cracking!

Dental tourism

In Romania, particularly in Bucharest, the popularity of dental tourism has kept soaring throughout the successive years. Various people from all over the world visit the city to get modern dental treatments. Not only is the service professional, but it is also substantially affordable compared to other destinations. They don’t say that Bucharest will brighten your smile for nothing.

In conclusion…

Bucharest has so much to offer, it may be difficult to have a taste of everything in just one visit. Bear in mind that only some attractions are highlighted in this article, meaning that there is so much more waiting around to corner to be explored. Moreover, there is the cuisine – delicious traditional foods and drinks you should definitely try out when you get the chance – and unlike the rest of Romania, Bucharest has internet speeds of about 95.18 Mbps, making it one of the top digital spots in Europe. You simply cannot go wrong with Bucharest so what are you waiting for?

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