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  • 3 Unforgettable Experiences on Your Trip to Italy

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Italy, the city of love, is a destination unlike any other. Love blooms in the countryside freely. The sun, the beauty, and the joy in the country set a romantic mood as soon as you step on Italian soil. Italian landscapes will take your breath away with their rich culture and history. Italy is well-known for being the setting for two of the most famous novels of all time, Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet. The city of love has a lot more to offer than you might think. Prepare yourself to discover Italy in ways that no one has ever imagined. Here are our top three activities for making your plane ticket for a trip to Italy one you will never forget.

Enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city at Eitch Borromini

Eitch Borromini, a 5-star rooftop hotel in Rome, offers an unforgettable view of the magnificent capital city. Rome is a treat to one’s eye. The city is booming with cultural and historical attractions. The elaborated architecture of the city makes it one of the most beloved cities in Europe. The city is the poet’s poetry. Every little detail of Rome makes it distinct from other destinations. It is impossible to fully appreciate the enchantment of this city in a single visit. Rome deserves more, and Eitch Borromini is playing its part in appreciating the city’s mesmerizing beauty. The hotel gives a 360-degree view of the city from its terrace. Eitch Borromini is a palace where the old and new collide. It is situated in the heart of the square of the baroque Palazzo Pamphili, which is also the Palazzo Pamphili itself. Rome’s Eitch Borromini gives a memorable experience where you experience Rome’s incredible history with a touch of Rome’s present.

The hotel has six magnificent floors with baroque architecture and intricate details. It also accommodates one of Rome’s most famous art galleries, the Borromini Art Gallery, and a Pamphili private library brimming with notable and periodic books and manuscripts. Terrazza Borromini is a restaurant in Eitch Borromini that serves authentic Italian flavors to its guests through delicious Italian and Mediterranean cuisines. Stays at Eitch Borromini Palazzo Pamphili are as amazing as Rome. The luxurious rooms and suites have an authentic Italian style. The marble floors, original fireplaces, walk-in closets, oversized windows, high ceilings, and elegant bathrooms reflect an impeccable Italian lifestyle. The terrace is what endeavors to create the iconic scene of Rome. The open-air terrace captures the history of Rome so perfectly that it looks like a movie scene. Your trip to Italy requires a stay at Eitch Borromini, where romance oozes from every inch.

Soak the history of the Thermal Baths of Caracalla

Unwind yourself at the most opulent thermal baths in Italy. The Baths of Caracalla in Rome are Italy’s second-largest ancient thermal baths. It is tucked in between the most significant historical sights of Rome. Back in the days of the ancient history of Rome, the Baths of Caracalla were used to socialize. The Romans used to come there to relax, exercise, and make social connections. The thermal bath in ancient ruins is an absolute delight for tourists. The moment you step inside the Baths of Caracalla, the history of that place will speak to you. Once a work of art is now a place full of bricks. This place is now a story. Walking inside the thermal baths will take you back to ancient times.

You can see where there were once pools and where Romans used to socialize. You will be amazed to learn about the technology that was used in ancient times to make water hot. The technology used at the time is quite impressive and modern as compared to life in ancient Rome. The architecture and the decorations used to embellish the place were exquisite. You will witness the mosaic art on the floors. The ruins of the opera house as the backdrop make it even more beautiful. The Thermal Baths of Caracalla have undoubtedly contributed their fair share to the history and culture of Italy.

Explore the Stibbert Museum and its gardens

The Stibbert Museum is an art museum reflecting the taste of Frederick Stibbert. The museum is located on the hill of Montughi in Florence, a city in Italy. Frederick Stibbert was an art collector born in Italy. He had impeccable taste in art, which you can experience at the Stibbert Museum. The museum resides in the villa at Montughi Hill, built by the legendary collector Frederick Stibbert. The mansion is now devoted to showcasing the unorthodox and diverse collection of Stibbert’s art.

The museum provides a unique experience that is unlike any other museum in the world. It has 57 rooms, each of which displays artifacts from its collections. The museum houses a large collection of weapons, armor, paintings, objects, and clothing from various eras amassed by Frederick during his lifetime. The museum is enveloped by exotic gardens, the Stibbert gardens. The gardens are designed with traditional magical-romantic-style references. A stroll in the gardens evokes romance in the Florence air. Indeed, it is one of the well-kept secrets of Florence, Italy. You must check the Stibbert museum and its garden on your bucket list on your trip to Italy.

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