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February 14th is the day set aside for lovers to celebrate their romantic relationships by sending romantic gifts. You will notice the street aisles are painted with red on this lovely day, which symbolizes romance. In the evening, when you see people walking in pairs while holding hands, don’t be surprised. Contrary to what many think, Valentine’s Day is not only meant for those who are in love, but also close friends and loved ones. If you are in love and you want to surprise your girlfriend with romantic gifts. The best way to impress her is by sending romantic flowers for girlfriend. Flowers always work wonders during Valentine’s Day. However, most men are clueless about which type of flowers to send to their wives or girlfriends during this special day. If you are a man, then you need to know that women love unique personalized gifts or romantic flowers for a girlfriend.

Repeating gifts that you sent the previous years is a turn off to many women. You should take your time to understand what type of romantic flowers and gifts your girlfriend likes. Don’t just pick any flower that crosses your mind on this day. If you want to get unique romantic flowers for your girlfriend, the best option is to order from an online flower delivery store like Cosmea Gardens. Online flower shops offer Valentine’s Day flowers and many other varieties of flowers for different occasions. The best thing about online flower shops like Cosmea Gardens is that they deliver your floral gifts, including romantic flowers, to your recipient in perfect condition.

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Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, today we are making it easier for you to choose your girlfriend’s best romantic flowers. We have sampled some of the best romantic flowers that will inspire you to buy the best unique floral gifts on Valentine’s Day. Both men and women will benefit from this list of fantastic Valentine’s Day flowers.


purple orchids

Purple Orchids

Most people opt to send red roses during Valentine’s Day, making them clichés. You can spice things up on this special day for lovers by sending unique flowers from CosmeaGardens. To do that, you require unique flowers such as orchids. The color of the height you want to send to your spouse matters a lot on Valentine’s Day. Yellow orchids are perfect for sending to a friend whom you haven’t started dating yet. Sending yellow orchids to your spouse or girlfriend may create a wrong impression since you are more than friends. Go for purple orchids if you are looking for perfect romantic flowers for a girlfriend. Purple orchids symbolize admiration or respect and will send an excellent message on Valentine’s Day. White orchids convey purity and elegance, making them an awesome choice of romantic flowers on Valentine’s Day.


dahlias flower

Dahlias Flower

The Reason for choosing dahlias as Valentine’s Day flowers is because they convey a lasting bond and commitment between two people, according to the Victorians. This choice of romantic flowers will impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day because they are unique. Sending perfect flowers is all about choosing symbolic hues. White dahlias represent faith and purity, while blue ones convey a fresh start. Although dahlias also come in black, you shouldn’t send these flowers to your girlfriend under any circumstances as they symbolize betrayal.

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protea flower

Protea Flower

If you want to impress your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day by sending her unique romantic flowers, then the Protea flower will do the trick. Although the flower dates 300 million years back, it makes an awesome gift to send to your spouse or partner. Getting these stunning flowers is not easy since you can’t get them at any flower shop. The best option is ordering from CosmeaGardens, which is the best flower delivery Cyprus company. If you are away from each other, sending this type of flower will assure your girlfriend that you still love and think of her every day. Proteas convey courage and diversity.

Gerbera Daisies

orange gerberas

Orange Gerberas

Gerberas symbolize happiness, and they are the 5th most popular flowers in the world. People love these blooms for their vibrant colors that never fail to excite every eye that sees them. They look good when presented in a bouquet or put in a basket. If you want to mix them with other types of romantic flowers, then roses and sunflowers are great. Sending these wonderful blooms to your girlfriend will make her feel very proud of you. If you haven’t started dating yet, pink gerberas are the best option. Red ones are perfect for those who have stayed in a relationship for a while now. What makes romantic flowers great gifts during Valentine’s Day is their vibrancy that speaks the language of love. Flowers have the power to hypnotize anyone and send them into a trans. The best daisy hues to send to a friend are yellow, orange, or white gerberas.

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white and red carnations

White and Red Carnations

Carnations also come in many lovely hues that work wonders on any occasion. Since it is Valentine’s Day, the most appropriate romantic flower for a girlfriend is red. You can spice the bouquet up by sending a mixture of white and red carnations. Carnations always look good when arranged in a basket or bouquet and cut flowers. Striped or yellow carnations are not the best to send during this time as they symbolize rejection.


It is always good to send your partner or spouse romantic gifts during Valentine’s Day. Your best options will be flowers because besides being beautiful to look at, they are also meaningful. You can accompany your romantic flowers for your girlfriend with chocolates, candy, or a bottle of wine.

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