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When a family loses their loved ones, there is always a need to comfort, show love, and affection for them during this difficult time. One can do this by giving out some gifts, writing condolence messages, or keeping them company. The gifts can be sympathy flowers that are always beautiful and communicate different messages towards the people who have lost their loved ones.

The florists arrange the funeral flowers in different designs depending on the needs of the customer. A good example of the arrangement is the wreath. Here, they put different flowers such as daisies and roses in a ring-like shape and display them during the funeral service or on top of the casket.

Many people use sympathy flowers to give hope and strength to those who have experienced death. You can give the flowers to the families immediately when the death occurs, during the burial ceremony, or some days after the ceremony. Many people use common colors like white, red, yellow, pink, and blue to choose sympathy flowers.

The white color symbolizes peace, love, harmony, and purity. The red color flower is a sign of love and sorrow or grief. The yellow color symbolizes friendship, suitable for someone who has lost his/her friend. The pink color shows memories and remembrance of the person who has died. On the other hand, the blue color shows peace and is suitable for soothing the family that has experienced death.

Below are the best seven funeral flowers you can choose from when you need to comfort a family, a workmate, a friend, or any other person you are related to who has experienced death.

Lilies flowers

Lilies are types of flowers that come in different colors: white, yellow, red, e.t.c. The most suitable color for sympathy flowers is white, where the white peace lilies symbolize innocence, purity, and the new birth of a soul. It shows that even if the person has died, God has renewed his/her soul, and they are alive in Him. This is why people prefer them for funeral flowers.

Roses flowers

Roses are the most popular flowers across the whole world. Close to all people use roses as flower gifts. They are available in colors like white, red, yellow, e.t.c. Various colors portray different meanings in different countries.

Many people use white and roses as sympathy flowers as they symbolize innocence and purity. You can also use red and yellow roses in case of the death of a friend or your loved one. They have long stems that you can place in a basket and can last for long, and this is why they are good for sympathy.

Carnations flowers

Carnations are beautiful and attractive. The suitable colors for sympathy flowers are white, pink, and red, which symbolize purity, love, and memory-, In most cases, the florists always use them to arrange flowers in different designs. Besides their beautiful color, they are cheap and affordable, so many people use them as sympathy flowers.

Gladiolus flowers

These are types of funeral flowers that are always bright and tall. They have nice and attractive smells, so florists use them to spray the arrangement of flowers like in the wreath. Gladiolus symbolizes strength and comfort, which is why people use them to make the bereaved family strong and show them that they care.

The most popular color for sympathy is always white and blue to signify innocence and peace. You can place them in a banquet for the family to carry them home after the funeral service.

Orchids flowers

Orchid flowers come in different colors, such as purple, white, and pink. All these colors are suitable for sympathy flowers since they express the beauty of love, innocence, purity, and humility. You can move orchid flowers from one place to another when you put them in a modern container.

Orchid flowers grow in orchid valleys or areas with good humidity. You give them to the bereaved family and advise them to keep the flowers healthy by watering them regularly.

Irises flowers

Irises are types of flowers that come in beardless and bearded forms. They are beautiful and unique. They come in multiple shades of colors, such as white, yellow, and blue. The blue color symbolizes hope and faith, the white color shows innocence and purity, while the yellow color symbolizes love and person.

You can use irises for funeral flowers to show how much you love the family who has experienced death or the person who has died. Their petals are long and soft for flapping when it is windy. This is why some countries, like China, refer to it as a purple butterfly.

Daisies flowers

Daisies contain a group of different flowers, such as sunflowers and gerbera daisies. They have white petals and yellow centers, which make them more attractive. People grow it in different countries like Africa, Europe, and North America. It comes in a lot of colors such as yellow, orange, red, pink, e.t.c.

People commonly use white gerbera and Michaelmas daisies to symbolize innocent hearts and farewell, respectively, for sympathy flowers. In some cases, you can also use red and pink daisies to show love and adoration.


Sympathy flowers are vital in most death cases. They help in soothing and comforting the families and loved ones when they are in sorrows and grief. You can choose between the colors mentioned above depending on the message you would like to pass. The popularly used color is always white.

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