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  • 7+ Romantic Flower Baskets Other Than Red Roses

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Red roses are not the only romantic flowers you’ll get at flower delivery in Cyprus. They have a variety, including other colors of roses. In addition, there are more than seven types of flowers you can use as a substitute for red roses.

The reasons you can opt for other colors are many. For example, maybe the recipient doesn’t like roses. Also, you may have a small budget, but you want a large flower basket. Thus, you can use any of the below flower baskets to excite her heart.


Some people confuse this beautiful bloom with peonies. They have a slight resemblance, especially their several layers of petals. This romantic flower blooms in spring. They also offer you various colors like red, pink, yellow, white, and purple.

Ranunculus tells the receiver that they are charming and attractive. Thus, it fits well in the language of romance. Moreover, ranunculus sends a similar message irrespective of color.

There are more than 500 varieties of ranunculus. However, Asiatica ranunculus is the most common of them all. It’s what everyone visualizes when they hear the name. But all the varieties have one thing in common- the tissue-soft petals.


Dahlias are a unique and beautiful bloom. Their petals roll back and revolve to the center. They create an appearance of a honeycomb. They bloom in large numbers during summer but are hard to find in other seasons.

Dahlia flowers do not follow the traditions of color when you want to express love. Instead, they exist in lovely and sweet colors you can use to express your romance. Also, they have more than 50 varieties. They are in the same family with zinnias, daisies, sunflowers, and chrysanthemums.


These are the immediate substitute for roses when it comes to romantic flowers. Tulips are a great Valentine’s day choice to express love and romance. They are cheaper than roses. That can explain why they scoop 15% of total sales around Valentine’s celebrations.

They exist in various colors, including red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, and blue. Some types have color combinations. Their colors give different meanings. That’s why people use red and white to express love.


Carnations fit in every context, from weddings to funerals, joys to sorrows. The pink and red carnations are the typical colors to express love and romance. Generally, the flowers symbolize bravery, curiosity, fascination, and desire to know about a person. Each color holds a special meaning. For instance, red is a symbol of romance, deep love, and affection. Lighter shades of red carnations mean admiration, while pink shades show undying love.


This exotic flower is an excellent way to express love. Cyprus flower delivery always has them in stock. You can send them to your go-getter and free-spirited partner.

They have wild petals and sweet fragrances. They can spice up your love life with their colors, texture, and scents.


Protea is an example of an exotic flower that you can use to express love and romance. The flower looks like a king’s crown. They have many colors and could mean the giver of the flower is an able protector.

The flowers have a history dating back to ancient greek. It is named after a Greek god- Proteus. He was known for his wisdom. So when you offer the flower, it means you used wisdom to select whom to love.


Hyacinth has a long history of love and romance. The flower grew after Hyacinth- a Greek god’s lover died. He died from an accident where he and his live Apollo were playing discus. So, Apollo created a hyacinth flower from his spilled blood.

Hyacinth grows as a cluster of star-shaped mini flowers. They exist in white, pink, purple, and blue. You can use the flower to ask for forgiveness from your loved one. The purple shade is the best for the job. You can use white to express love and innocence. Many people would think red would mean love and affection, but it’s a symbol of sports.


These are summer blooms that grow in a cluster. Hydrangeas have four flat petals; The tiny flowers are custard into one huge and beautiful bloom. The common colors include cream, purple and blue. On rare occasions, you can get them in the pink variety.

They have many meanings that align with love and romance. In general, the flower shows gratitude and genuine affection.


We have managed to tell you of nine romantic flowers you can find at flower delivery Cyprus. But we promise you can get more than that. There are many romantic flowers besides red roses. All you need is to tell us your preference.

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