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  • Looking To Enter The Music Industry: Here Are 5 Things To Know

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A music career is not just for anyone. You need the right commitment to pursue your passion no matter the cost or how long it takes. I am disappointed about the music industry because there is a lot of false information hovering around us and making us believe that just anyone can become a music star and live the dream of our life.

Until you talk with the music professionals like Benjy Grinberg, you will have no idea how the music industry misleads us. You must learn about the real truth before entering the music industry.

If you have decided to pursue your career in the music industry, I would like to share a few things with you so that you do not face the problem I faced.

Music Industry Facts That Every Aspiring Musician Needs To Know

Even if you are one of the promising talents that might become a great musician in the upcoming years, I believe you must consider these things in the early stage of your life.

Make Sure You Have A Day Job

In popular culture, we fantasize about leaving everything behind for our dreams, move to the bigger city to pursue our passion. Unfortunately, that is just a fairy tale that is far from the actual reality.

It is not smart to drop everything to pursue something uncertain. If you are financially stable and keep living for five years without earning, this might be possible. But if that is not the case, your priority should be paying off your living expenses. Hence, you atleast need to have a day job that supports your life.

Treat Your Music Career As A Business

Most people are very optimistic and see music just like passion. But, whether you like it or not, starting a career in the music industry or venturing into entrepreneurship is just the same. This is why most artists have managers similar to corporate managers.

If we compare your music and traditional business, the music you create is the product, and you are the brand. Hence, the more people know you and buy your music, the more you will monetize your business.

Be Optimistic At Every Corner

There are almost 80,000 albums released every year, but only 200 of them actually reach the surface where people know about them. That is only 0.25% of the total. The numbers can be disheartening.

The music industry is filled with different types of artists who even have more talent than you. This can really discourage the upcoming artist. However, you mustn’t lose your composure and be optimistic about everything. It is the only tool that will help you survive in the jungle of music.

Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

To become successful means taking advice from successful people. We have seen many artists taking advice from people who are themselves not successful.

Talking to them and taking advice will only feed their self-esteem of being a senior in the industry. If you truly want to seek valuable advice, look for successful people. Even their simple advice is more meaningful.

Networking Is Of Epitome

You cannot become successful alone; the people you see standing at the top of the music industry have a well-grounded network and almost know every individual in the music industry. If you want to be successful, you need to start developing relationships with your local artisans and music community.

The broader your network is, the more chances you will get to shine in the industry. Meet artists with a mindset to collaborate with them and find people who are a good fit for managerial posts and photographers who can give you a new look in front of audiences.

The bottom line is, you will need a team to run your music business, and only networking can help you get the right person fit for the job.

Closing Thoughts

You must consider that not everyone pursuing music will be looking at a lifestyle of spending summer on private beaches and touring the world in a private jet. But making a career in music is similar to other jobs in the market.

Once you reach the milestone of your life, be gentle with others and treat your juniors like students and not rivals. This will not only help you enhance your music but guide the younger generation to a brighter future.

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