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  • Manufacturing Chemicals: How to Keep Your Team Safe

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Those working in the chemical manufacturing industry are at a high risk of exposure to harmful chemical substances. Most of these substances cause severe injuries or even lead to fatalities. As a team leader, you have to know what chemicals are being manufactured and find the most practical ways to keep your team safe. Formulate control measures that eliminate the use of harmful substances.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If your team has to work with the chemicals, ensure they are in a safer form, reduce the number of exposed workers to the hazardous chemicals and provide them with personal protective equipment to give them enough protection while at work. Below are other ways on how to keep your team safe in a chemical manufacturing company.

Offer Resources and Training

Ensure you train all workers on using control measures and different ways of responding to chemical spills. Do not assume new employees to know what is required in a chemical company. Train them on the standard operating procedures of various chemicals. Share all area information covering chemicals to the employees. This will help them be aware of the chemicals they are dealing with and how to use specific instructions.

Chemical Safety

Additionally, educate the team on different ways to be exposed to hazardous chemicals and how to use the right procedures and safety equipment to avoid absorbing, inhaling and ingesting the chemicals. Adopting appropriate equipment is also essential. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are among the safest equipment to use in a chemical company as they provide vacuum procedures in the beverages, oil, gas, and chemical industries. Liquid ring vacuum pumps are safe for handling unsafe gas steam and dirt.

Access the Location

Before workers start working, ensure you go through the working locations. Also, do this regularly while still at work to ensure they are not exposing themselves to danger. Ensure chemical containers do not come into contact with other reactive chemicals. There should be sufficient ventilation in both the working area and storage space.

Label Everything

Labeling all chemical containers saves lives. Most chemicals look so similar that it’s hard even for an expert to distinguish them. While labeling the chemicals, ensure the staff can see the dangers on the outer side of the container. Labeling also prevents cases of injuries and fire as a result of mixing inappropriate substances.

Work in a Clean Environment

Keep the working space well organized and clean to prevent injuries and accidents. Slippery floors lead to falls, while messy working places encourage careless mixing and spills. To avoid this, ensure you keep excessive chemicals in their original containers for further use. Set aside a disposal area near the workspace for safe disposal of used chemicals.

As much as companies are responsible for the safety of their workforce, they are not the only ones to blame during a chemical accident or fatality. The staff should ensure they have the right training on handling chemicals, adhere to preventive measures and be each other’s keeper.

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