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  • Look Out Below: Construction Site Safety Measures You Should Think About

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Following general construction safety rules can keep workers and visitors to a project site safe. You owe it to yourself and those who work on your site to create safe conditions that minimize the chances of accidents, injuries, or health problems. Here are some ways to do this.

Ensure Everyone Wears Personal Protective Equipment

Visitors and workers on construction sites must be required to wear personal protective equipment, or PPE, in order to stay safe. Depending on what exactly is being done that day, this could vary but should be required for anyone on or near the site. Wearing PPE reduces their exposure to dangers on the worksite, such as falling items, dangerous chemicals, or possible slips, trips, or falls. The most common types of PPE include gloves, goggles, boots, hard hats, ear protection, and high-visibility vests, thus it’s a good idea to have all of these in surplus on hand in the event not everyone has what they need.

Post Clear Signage

Clear and visible signs will raise safety awareness and promote the health and well-being of employees and visitors on construction sites. Workers should understand and follow prohibitions, safe conditions, warnings, and firefighting equipment signs. Depending on the size of the project, you can also have signage posted that directs people to various areas around the site to circumvent newcomers being lost and wandering where they shouldn’t. This way everyone knows where everything is at all times.

Keep the Site Neat and Organized

Dust, nails, stagnant water, and debris are potential accidents makers. They should not be lying around the site. You want the area cleaned daily to remove unnecessary clutter that could lead to slip and fall accidents.

This includes ensuring that no tools are lying around. Power tools and lights should be unplugged when they are not in use.

Put Safeguards in Place

One of the best ways to ensure construction site safety is limiting access to the site by using barriers, such as temporary fencing. Fences are great because they clearly show location limits. They indicate to unauthorized people that they should stay away from danger zones and are a great deterrent from trying to trespass anyway. Fences keep people from high-voltage areas, chemicals, toxic fumes, electricity, or potentially dangerous machinery.

Create an Emergency Response Plan

An emergency response plan makes it easier for people to react automatically when a situation emerges, like material spills, fires, or natural disasters, alongside accidents of varying kinds. If there is no plan in place, people might freeze up or panic and create additional hazards. It would be best if you had a dedicated group responsible for managing emergency crises, responding to hazards, answering questions, and dealing with near misses. They can even be over safety training, that way everyone who works on the site is effectively prepared and informed for what to do and how to react.

If there is a near miss, trained employees should report the issue as soon as they can in order to get the hazard taken care of. After all, hazards can only be addressed when responsible parties are made aware of them. The sooner a negative issue is reported, the fewer chances of the issue worsening and leading to accidents or further damage.

There are inherent dangers in every construction site. You owe it to yourself, your employees, and those who visit your site to take simple safety steps, like creating an emergency response plan, installing fences and barriers, posting clear signage, and ensuring everyone use the appropriate PPE. Taking these measures will help minimize hazards and keep your construction site safe.

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