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  • Top 6 Most Common Work Injuries

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Workers’ compensation insurance is a system of insurance that provides benefits to workers who have been injured at work. It is meant to protect workers and their families from the financial burden incurred by workplace accidents.

Most states require this type of insurance. In some states, employers with a certain number of employees must provide it to their employees. Other states allow employers to opt-out of coverage.

Each year, many workers suffer injuries that they must pay for on their own. The only reason they didn’t receive workers’ compensation was that they didn’t understand their rights as employees. The following six common workplace injuries require workers’ compensation.


Many workers’ compensation claims are due to overexertion. Typically, these injuries are caused by lifting, pulling, or carrying objects that are too heavy. In addition, repetitive motions such as typing or data entry can also cause them.

Your employer should provide you with training to prevent these kinds of strains. If they did not provide you with the proper training, you likely have a valid workers’ compensation case. Even if they did train you, you could have a case under the right circumstances.

If you’re suffering from overexertion or muscle strain and your employer or their insurer is unwilling to compensate you, reach out to a workers’ comp attorney. An attorney can help you look for the necessary evidence to convince the insurer to pay you what you’re owed.

Slips, Trips, and Falls

Falls rank high in the most common workers’ compensation claims. Trip hazards include slippery floors, loose carpeting, cluttered work areas, and even cords and other obstacles in walkways.

Even when a fall seems minor at the moment, it can have long-term and debilitating consequences. Your employer is responsible for making sure that tripping hazards are removed from the workplace quickly, so you are eligible for workers’ comp after a fall.

Impacts with Objects or Equipment

Machinery, tools, or other equipment that is not properly maintained can cause these injuries. Flying objects like debris or tools can also cause them.

Transport Accidents

Car accidents, truck accidents, or pedestrian accidents can cause these injuries. Even if you aren’t on company property when the accident happens, you’re still eligible for compensation if you were carrying out your job responsibilities at the time of the accident.

Injuries Caused by Other People or Animals

Injuries can be caused by co-workers, customers, or even strangers. Animals brought into the workplace can also cause injuries, though animal injuries are usually considered the fault of the animal’s owner, and don’t necessarily fall under the responsibility of your employer.

Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Chemicals, fumes, or other hazardous materials can result in these injuries.

If you have suffered any of these common work injuries, it is imperative that you apply for workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. An experienced workers comp attorney can help you understand your rights and get the benefits you deserve.

Conclusion: Worker’s Compensation is a Safety Net for Workers

Employers provide workers with workers’ compensation insurance as a safety net for their employees and their families. When you are injured at work, workers’ compensation insurance can help you pay your medical bills and support your family. This insurance is an integral part of the American workers’ compensation system.

Workers’ compensation insurance offers many benefits. This insurance offers financial assistance to injured workers. It provides medical benefits to injured workers as well as death benefits to a family if a worker was killed on the job.

However, insurance companies may deny your claim if they believe the accident didn’t occur at the workplace or was a preexisting condition. You don’t have to deal with a difficult insurance company on your own. Reach out to a local workers’ comp attorney to get help negotiating with insurers and potentially filing a lawsuit.

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