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  • How Should I Decorate To Sell My House?

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Whether your house is already up for sale or you’re simply looking into the process before you make the big decision, we’ve outlined some helpful tips on how to decorate your home to get it ready to sell. No matter your budget, there are lots of options for you to explore!


Decluttering can be a very overwhelming process but will make a huge difference and really benefit when you come to sell the house. Deal with one room completely before you move on to start another, and think about what you absolutely want to keep, so you can then start to get rid of anything that you don’t really want. Moving house is a great time to start decluttering, as it will result in you having fewer things to pack and help you be much more organized when you move into the new place.

Doing this will help you to add more space to your house too, so when your potential buyers come and view, they’ll be much more likely to imagine themselves living in your house, rather than finding themselves being distracted by any of your things.

Refresh your walls

Repainting the walls, the doors, and the skirting boards will help to brighten up your house and make a really big difference when your viewers come to see the house for the very first time. Try to stick to neutral, light shades; white is usually recommended for any walls, as it will lighten up rooms and make them look more spacious.

Especially if you’ve been wondering, “how can I sell my house fast?” spending a bit of time sprucing up the place will help to speed the selling process up for you.

Fix any problems

This may be as easy as replacing light bulbs that don’t work around the home, but it’s important to resolve any little issues like this before one of your viewers see it, which could mean you lose your sale. Go round and check that all of your radiators and heaters are working properly, as well as any outside lights – and don’t forget the built-in appliances.

You should also have the boiler checked too, to ensure that there aren’t any problems. When you receive an offer, almost all buyers will have a survey done on the home any way that will show any issues, but being aware of them beforehand will mean you can either resolve them or make the buyer aware of them, so it doesn’t impact your sale and result in your buyer dropping out.

Clean up before viewings

This seems like a pretty obvious point, however, you’d be surprised just how often sellers don’t clean their homes before it goes on the market and end up regretting it when the condition affects interest. Bad advertising photos will almost always hinder your sale and put any potential buyers off, so make sure that you have properly organized the house and cleaned it up before these photos are taken.

You also need to ensure that the house is in a tidy state before your viewers arrive, as potential buyers can be put off instantly by the littlest thing. One place that homeowners often forget to clean out is the oven. It’s an appliance that you likely use every day but will often get overlooked during your weekly clean. You can also clean your carpets (ideally professionally if you can), as well as plump up your sofas, open the curtains to let in plenty of light, and of course, scrub the bathroom!

Update some furnishings

This can sound like a pricy one, but it really doesn’t need to be if you do it right. Shops such as Matalan or Primark have got very large home sections that will let you really freshen up your home without spending too much. Swap out any coloured bathroom towel for plain white ones, and have them folded neatly when your viewers come to visit. Update the living room with touches of colour by adding some new bright cushions to your sofas. You can also pick up some fake flowers and sit them in the centre of the dining table, or maybe on a windowsill.

By replacing a few things in each of your rooms, you’ll see how much more inviting it makes your home, making it much more attractive to your potential buyers.

Assess the lights

Something that gets overlooked regularly but that has a huge impact in the home; lighting can completely change the look of a room. Look at adding some standing lights in your hallways, small lamps in your bedrooms on either side of the bed, and don’t forget to open the curtains in every room, too, so you can show your potential buyer how much natural light the property benefits from.

Remember, you don’t need to make all of the changes listed above, but just by actioning a couple of them, you will notice a very dramatic difference, and your house will feel much more homely and inviting.

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