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  • Why You Should Never Weld Without Proper Safety Gear

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Welding is a process that requires the use of extreme heat to join two or more pieces of metal. This is achieved through the use of a device called a torch that allows one to heat the metal and put it under intense pressure in order to join it together. It requires professional training and a good amount of skill in order to be able to properly handle it.

A reputable welding company ensures that their welders are not just skilled in the welding process, but also have a thorough understanding of the different types of metal that they are working with.

Welding is a dangerous profession, and it requires proper safety gear to avoid injuries. However, even with the right gear, welders can still suffer serious injury if they don’t follow proper welding practices.

Knowing the potential risks of welding and taking appropriate precautions is the first step to ensure safety. For starters, welders require clothing that is flame-resistant to perform their job in a safe manner. These are the dangers of welding when not wearing protective gears:


Human bodies are an excellent electrical conductor. No matter how much electric shock, it can result in serious health consequences. The effects can range from spasms, burns, paralysis of muscles, and even death. The severity of the effects depends on the quantity of electrical energy that’s passed throughout your body. It also depends on the portion it’s been through, as well as how long you’ve been exposed to it.

Prevention Tips

  • Make sure that all electrical cables are appropriately and properly disconnected and stored.
  • Always make sure to use a rod holder with an insulated rod.
  • Wear welding equipment that is safe and protective, which include rubber boots as well as rubber pads.
  • Don’t touch the live parts of the workpiece welding equipment with your naked hands.
  • While taking a break ensure you turn off the welder transformer.

Inhalation of Toxic Fumes and Gasses

welder doing welding with safety equipment

Welder Doing Welding with Safety Equipment

Both metal fabricators and welders are prone to toxic inhalation. During welding, various hazardous gasses are created, including carbon monoxide, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and even nitrogen. Additionally, welding fumes are produced which contain metals, such as aluminum, arsenic beryllium, manganese and beryllium. If these fumes are combined with each other, they can cause serious health problems if inhaled.

If you’re exposed to these fumes for even a brief period of time you may feel nausea, dizziness, and throat, eyes, and nasal irritation. In the long run, exposure to these fumes could lead to lung cancer and urinary tract cancer and damage to kidneys and nerve system.

How to Protect Yourself Against Toxic Fumes

  • Make sure you weld in a well located area that is well ventilated. The exhaust ports must be kept away from any other workers.
  • If ventilation is not adequate make sure to wear respiratory protection equipment.
  • If welding outdoors, keep to the right to avoid the emission of fumes.
  • Reduce exposure to toxic fumes by cleaning your welding surfaces prior to you starting welding.

Thermal Burns

Welding can cause bright flashes as well as intense UV radiations. If they come into contact with the skin of your exposed and cause serious burns in a flash. However, you can reduce the possibility of burning yourself by wearing the appropriate attire for the FR.

Protect Yourself From Thermal Burns

When shopping for FR clothing, stay clear of those made of synthetic materials because they could catch flames. Instead, you should consider welding leather jackets because they protect you from sparks. There is also a choice between warm and light welding jackets, based on the climate of the area you live in.

Also, you need leather welding gloves to guard your hands. Different kinds that are made for welding have been created with different kinds of leather. The most effective is one that shields your hands from spatters, sparks as well as the heat generated during welding.

Fire and Explosions

The extreme heat and sparks that are produced during welding can be potentially explosive and fire-risks when welding. However, you can lessen the chance of a fire or explosion by conducting an examination of the area where you are welding and getting rid of any flammable material or substance. If it’s impossible to move the substance you must move your workplace to a safer area.

Your welding facility should be equipped with the appropriate fire extinguisher, as sparks of electricity are more likely to start a fire. Hoses for fires must be easily accessible with sufficient water pressure. Other essential gears include fire resistant blankets, buckets of sand, or any other fire-fighting equipment that is reasonable.

A company like Topweld that offers welding services in Young, NSW have safety gears and equipment that protect the welders and their environment. Welding is a dangerous activity, so it’s important that you use the right equipment to protect yourself both during and after welding.

Flash Burns

welding helmet shields to protect from flash burns

Welding Helmet Shields to Protect from Flash Burns

Flash from welding accounts for 5.6 percent of the eye injury injuries occurring in the industry of construction which makes it the most frequent. Flash burns occur due to the intense light and radiation that is produced by welding. Dust that escapes off the weld may cause burns.

The welding helmet shields you from the intense radiation. Make sure your helmet is equipped with the correct filter shade based on the welding type. If you don’t own an appropriate helmet, make sure you wear shades or goggles that have side protections.

Noise Hazards

Welding generates lots of noise that can cause hearing loss when exposed for long periods of time. You can reduce the chance of hearing loss by wearing earplugs. This is especially important in the event that you are exposed to the sound for more than 8 hours.

Earplugs available are now more sophisticated that make them more comfortable and give you better hearing protection.

If you are working from an elevated position, think about wearing ear muffs. They are a benefit of being comfortable underneath the helmet. They also shield the ear, shielding your ears from sparks that could cause harm to the ears.

Working in Confined Spaces

Working in tight spaces can increase the risk of welding accidents in the event that the proper safety precautions aren’t taken. The hazards are:

  • Fumes
  • Entrapment and falls
  • Fire explosion
  • Electrical
  • Radiation and heat

When working in enclosed areas make sure you are trained properly as well as properly-equipped and wear the appropriate clothing.

Exposure to UV Radiation

There are some UV radiations that are produced by welding that may cause welding eye injuries or the eye of the arc. This eye injury can cause inflammation to the mucous membrane in the eye, resulting in:

  • Redding of the eye
  • The intensity of pain can be intense or mild, depending on the intensity of the exposure
  • Feeling as if you’ve got sand inside the eyes
  • A difficult time looking at the light source
  • Sensitivity to light

You can guard yourself against UV radiation by making sure you wear a helmet for welding and goggles.

Compressed Gasses

Welding utilizes a variety of gasses which are contained within gas cylinders. If they are not stored properly the cylinders could create fire hazards or physical dangers. If the valve for the gas cylinder is damaged, it may result in the release of gas in an explosive manner.

Increases FR Safety By Wearing Proper FR Clothing

Although the risk mentioned above may appear to be serious, you can safeguard yourself by wearing FR clothing while working. When you wear protective equipment and a hat, you’re also in compliance with the regulations set forth. Be safe from unnecessary accidents and welding mistakes by making sure that you are wearing the correct welding equipment.

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