• The Virtual Future of Music Industry PR, According to Wes Davenport

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Wes Davenport of °1824 at Universal Music has had his fair share of changes in the music industry, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially apparent, when it comes to the public relations (PR) part of the music.

But today, he is focusing on the future – the virtual future. This type of future, he believed, allows musicians to:

  • Get creative no matter where they are
  • Collaborating virtually with other musicians, AND
  • Breaking the monotony of traditional work

This overview will address the virtual world, and how it has transformed the music industry thus far, according to Wes Davenport.

Starting the Day Right

“Davenport suggests that you get a great start to your day when you wake up in the morning,” says Tabatha Davis, a music project manager. “What you do in the morning will impact how your day starts, especially when you work in the music industry. Music creation takes time, patience, and inspiration. So, doing things in the morning like walking, exercising, and getting sunlight can help the creative juices flowing. So, in the morning, work to wake up the mind and body, rather than immediately turning to your smartphone or TV.”

More Mentorship

Musicians have some mentors and coaches in their camps. But with the virtual world, people – including musicians – have mentors and coaches with a tap of a smartphone. Imagine talking to, say, your voice coach, every day from a Zoom call. With convenient mentorship, you can evaluate your short-term goals, and see your long-term goals when it comes to your music career.

Blending The Line Between At-Office And Remote Work

As suggested by Davenport, there is now a fine line between working in a traditional office and working from home. Many musicians have opted for staying at home to produce music, write songs, and collaborate with other musicians online. Whether or not a musician will return to the studio after a while is up to them. However, the virtual world has opened doors to various opportunities that might not have been feasible or thought off before.

The Rise Of Virtual Press Conferences

The virtual world even paves the way for virtual press conferences, where music artists can talk with their fanbases. Plus, collaborations can hold virtual press conferences showing their fans their latest project, and bring fans from both brands together. Also, it’s a cheaper and more convenient way to collaborate with fans.

Even as more and more people are venturing back into the physical world, virtual press conferences won’t die. Whether or not fans want to see their favorite music stars in a digital space is ultimately up to them.

Discovering New Ways To Interact

Besides virtual press conferences, people can play online games with each other. Yes, even music artists love to play games, too. Davenport points out that Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the best games to play during quarantine. In fact, he had held a contest for fans to create in-game merch on Tove Lo, to win a digital ticket to one of his virtual concerts.

Learning The Biggest Lesson From 2020

“Many can agree that 2020 was a challenging year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Thomas Wesley, a music news writer. “However, connecting with people both in-person and visually has offered a valuable lesson that year. Communication. Davenport understands the meaning of connection, saying that the music industry has seen communication as vital between musicians and fans. He coins the term ‘Zoom fatigue,’ meaning that one can get lost and burned-out using Zoom for professional and personal connections. That’s why many music artists would often have both in-person and virtual shows for their fans every so often, to help interrupt the monotony of social distancing and staying home.”

What’s To Come In 2021

As of 2021, there are many possibilities that can come from virtual music industry PR, Davenport suspects. While lessons were learned in 2020, there have been some good from it – rising artists, influential creators, podcasters, and so on. With the virtual world open to everyone, especially with people in the music industry, almost anyone can make a career from making music, and build an audience and or social clout over it.

The Future Of PR (As It Stands Now)

Davenport expressed optimism with the virtual future surrounding music industry PR. With rising stars bursting onto the scene online, and more music springing up to fans’ delight, the virtual world shows no signs of stopping, even as more and more people slowly return to the music studio.

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