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  • What Makes the Mobile Gaming Industry the Fastest Growing Industry in India?

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  • Published Date: July 15, 2021
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Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing industry in India, and there should be no surprise about that. With the craze of online gaming rapidly increasing everywhere around the globe, it is inevitable that the mobile gaming sector is going to play a key role in the coming future. Now you can play indoor games like poker online. There are several factors that have led the situation to this. So without further ado, let us see the reason behind the rise of mobile gaming in India.

Factors Responsible for Mobile Gaming in India

The rapid rise in the mobile gaming industry is not a result of a single phenomenon. Multiple factors have come together to make the gaming industry boom in every corner of the country. Some of these factors are as follows:

A Rise in Online Population

The number of internet users is increasing with each passing day. According to a 2019 report, 34.4% of the Indian population uses the internet. And the number is constantly rising. With so many Indian users on the internet, it was a ripe opportunity for the mobile gaming industry to shift its focus to the Indian market. As a result, almost every gaming company has stepped its foot in the Indian waters. The situation has become so favorable for online gaming that network providers and smartphone companies are dedicating their services to ensure that the mobile gaming experience is not compromised in any manner.

Flexible Smartphone Prices

Smartphones are no longer limited to a particular class of society. From upper to lower class, smartphones have become almost indispensable. The autorickshaw drivers who would play cards in their free time are now playing poker online. One can only imagine how smartphones have made themselves so dynamic. Starting from a price as low as Rs 3000 to as high as 1.5 lakhs (or even more, there is something for everyone. The affordability of smartphones for all users has directly contributed to the rise of the mobile gaming industry. Now anyone can download an entertaining or real money gaming app and make the best of their gaming experience.

Smartphones come in so many different price ranges that almost anyone can afford one.

Another advantage of having affordable smartphones is that anyone can connect with others at both national and international levels. The enhanced connectivity features such as live voice chat and video chat have given every Indian to experience the multiplayer player facility at its fullest.

Affordable Data Pack

India has smoothly transitioned to the 4G mobile network. High-speed internet has become so commonplace that people can stream a movie in HD quality on their mobile phones. But the high-speed internet connection could not have been possible without affordable data pack plans. Earlier, a 1-month internet data pack cost was so high it was nothing less than luxury for most people. But with better technology and tight competition, it is the users who have profited from this. Now the data plan has become highly affordable, and anyone with a smartphone can easily get a month’s data pack at a nominal price and that too increases the data amount.

Affordable and high-speed internet data packs have set the stage for the online gaming industry. Now people can play high-end games like Call of Duty as well as games with video chat options such as poker online or download a real money gaming app without any difficulty.

The Covid Pandemic

The Covid pandemic disrupted the global economy in an unprecedented manner. But it came as a blessing in disguise for the gaming industry, especially in India. With people stuck at home and attending their work and school from there only, the options of entertainment have been reduced to the online medium only. People were left with either the option to watch movies and videos on the internet or play online games. Since the Covid pandemic also brought a setback in terms of the economic conditions of the people, many people have resorted to downloading a real money gaming app or two. These games give them the opportunity to earn and get entertained at the same time. But the biggest USP of these gaming apps is that they keep you at home so that you do not risk your safety by going out for entertainment. Therefore, the Covid pandemic has brought in situations that were ideal for the mobile gaming industry.

Diversity in Games

It is safe to presume that the gaming industry has gradually adapted with the changing times. Earlier, the games would largely focus on males as their target audience. That’s why there was such a huge demand for a large number of action-packed games. But as the internet and smartphones have given women the equal share of accessibility, the gaming sector has seized on this opportunity as well. Indoor games like ludo, carrom, puzzles, etc., are made online so that girls can play them with their mates or family members. This does not suggest that girls cannot or do not want to play action-packed games. Many do love to play such games. But these games are usually seen from the male perspective and engage more male characters than females. So by keeping this in mind, new mobile games are emerging every day that are more gender-neutral or have girls as their target audience.

There are other factors that have also played a significant role in the growth of the mobile gaming industry. But the ones mentioned above are the most dominating reasons for the unprecedented surge in the mobile gaming industry. With the reach of the internet spreading to more people with each passing day, one can only imagine how big this industry is going to be in the future.

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