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  • Six Essential Working From Home Tips

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Remote work has become more common, with many workers preferring to stay home instead of going to the office each day. However, making the move can be challenging if you are unprepared. These six tips can help you maintain productivity, stay engaged, and make the most of working from home.

Avoiding Distraction

One of the most significant pitfalls of a home office is that personal distractions can easily seep into your work space. Therefore, you must take steps to minimize distractions. For example, try downloading a Zoom meeting background that you can use during conferences and check-ins to limit how much of your personal space is shared with your job.

Spacing Out Your Workload

Spacing out your workload and taking frequent breaks often helps make things more manageable. Instead of burning yourself out sitting at a desk all day, grab a cup of coffee or sit outside in the sun for five minutes to let yourself recharge between tasks.

Setting Clear Boundaries

The boundaries between work and personal time can get blurred very quickly when working from home. That’s why it is essential to establish clear boundaries with anyone else in the house.

Let your family or roommates know that you are working by posting a schedule on your door or near your desk with the hours you are working. Include any meeting times so (hopefully) no one makes a surprise appearance during them.

You will also want to establish boundaries with your job. After all, working from home does not mean you are always available. Limit communication to work hours so you can focus on your family, friends, and self when you are off the clock.

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Have a dedicated work area with a door when possible. If you must use a portion of another room, try to find one with minimal foot traffic during working hours. Then, use an attractive conference room background to create a professional appearance during virtual meetings.

Establishing a Routine

Remote work ranges as much as on-site jobs. For example, you may have a set schedule or be allowed to work more flexible hours. Either way, you want to establish when you will focus on work tasks and create a system that lets you get everything done.

Find a system that works well for you. For example, you might prioritize critical tasks first thing in the morning. Alternatively, if you work better mid-afternoon, you might schedule a block of time for important jobs during that window.

Staying Connected to Co-workers

Work relationships are just as important for remote workers as when you are physically in the office. Promote engagement by checking out some of the best free Microsoft Teams backgrounds to download and use one to create a fun backdrop for team meetings.

Working from home has many advantages, and current technology offers numerous ways to make it manageable. If you are starting a remote job, remember to set yourself up for success with a dedicated workspace, clear boundaries, and a routine that maximizes your skills.

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