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  • Preferences And Disadvantages Of An Open Office Layout

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When it comes to working in an office there are lots of spaces available for the employees. Some companies prefer an open-space office or some may have private space for their employees. But which one is best for the employees? Both the spaces have some advantages and disadvantages depending on the need. Open space layout is something where every employee has to work together in the same space and same floor.

This can increase productivity, communication, and relation with co-workers. Some workers might not like to work in an open space office because they can get distracted or don’t get privacy. But still, an open space office can be set up on a low budget if you are starting your business and want employees to work together. Every office interior designing services are different and not every design is suitable for every worker. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of open space offices.


An open space office layout could be very beneficial as every worker will be working together which means more productivity and more information will be shared easily.

Easy Communication

In an open space office, every employee can communicate easily with one another and it gives more opportunity to be creative and share ideas. Communication is the key for work and by communicating with your fellow workers you can know about them more and the way they work. This allows every worker to share their ideas and be creative.

Building Cost is Low

The cost of building an open could be high, if you are starting a new business with a low budget, you probably don’t want to invest much in building an office. Open space office requires less space and also can be constructed on a low budget. Everything is open you don’t need to build extra rooms for your workers that will invest both money and space. If you want to open an open but don’t want to invest much in it open space office is the best option.


Generally, when everyone is working in the same space and sane platform teamwork will increase. All the workers will interact with each other and can ask and share their ideas with others. This will increase productivity and teamwork. You can be more open with everyone working along with you. You can ask questions and give ideas. This will increase the chances of work efficiency and will improve the work balance between the team.

More Space

Open space has lots of space for everyone you can move freely you don’t have to sit at one place and work continuously. You can talk with other workers near you if you are feeling bored or want someone to talk with. The closed office is good for some workers who want privacy but in an open space you can interact with anyone and you have space to breathe. If your muscles need some stretching you can stand and walk from your place. A big open space is essential in working place so workers can feel relaxed and secure.


Some workers may not feel comfortable working in open space offices because of various reasons.


The most common issue while working in an open space office is you will get easily distracted from your work as everyone is working in the same place and others may be doing something else. The place is always noisy and those who need some private space to focus on their work will get distracted easily. It will also lower the productivity of the employees as some people may not feel comfortable working around others.

No Privacy

Everywhere you go you need some privacy for yourself. Even you need privacy working at an office. You will get frustrated and some may even leave their work. If you have to pick a call from someone personal you might not be able to as the place is surrounded by everyone and is noisy. Most worker prefers privacy with their work so they do not get distracted and can focus more with their work.

Lack of Concentration

When everyone is around you it becomes difficult to concentrate on your work that will result in distractions and you cannot finish your task on time. Companies want the workers to complete the projects on time but due to an open space office, you have so many distractions and won’t be able to concentrate on your work. This will result in work delays and pending deadlines.


The spread of illness is common in an open space office as everyone is working together. If someone is having a cold it will easily be transferred to others. We all know that the novel Coronavirus is spreading and we need to main social distancing how can once maintain social distancing in an open space office where everyone has to work together in one place. Other common illnesses can spread because of working in an open-space office.

So, is it bad to have an open space office? Well, there are always two faces of a card for some they might not feel comfortable working around with so many other people but for some, it’s the other way. Open space could be useful if properly used and managed. You can always find a way to improve and cope up with the disadvantages. If you are aiming for something big you have to start small. If you want more help with open space offices, click reference to check out how you can begin your open space office.

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