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  • Ways to Add More Natural Light to Your Office Building

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We spend most of our lives indoors. But when you’re stuck inside, things get a lot less exciting. The fluorescent lights overhead cast a sterile glare on the work surfaces, and all those cubicles can feel like solitary confinement. You spend hours longing for the great outdoors, almost as if you’re trapped in prison, while your free-roaming friends go on hikes and bike rides in the sunshine. But there is a way to bring the sun indoors without spending too much cash or taking on a huge project. Try incorporating natural lighting into your office space, and you’ll find a nice change that adds fresh energy to the workplace. Here are ways to add more natural light to your office building.

Use Transom Windows

There aren’t many building codes for transom windows, but if you’ve got one, be sure to use it as an office source of light. This is a fantastic idea for any workplace that needs to be visible from the street, especially in an urban setting. It can also help improve ventilation in the building, making it easier to cool.

Remove Obstructions

Windows count. They’re often the largest source of natural light in any office building. Unfortunately, windows are often blocked by large plants or other decorative elements. Try moving these items out of the way so you can see a lot more of the outdoors and enjoy the daylight during your workday.

Use Skylights

While you can’t exactly open up skylights during rain or snowstorms, they offer a fantastic way to bring in a lot more natural light without much effort. This is especially helpful when you need to bring in the sunlight during the late afternoon when the sun starts to lose its power.

Consider Reflective Flooring

You don’t want a commercial flooring assignment to bog down your office schedule. Choose commercial flooring made from materials that help bring in the sunlight, such as those that are porcelain or metal.

Add More Windows

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but you need to address it before you start bringing natural light into the workplace. You need to be mindful of how you will use the office space once it’s installed and make sure that you have the right windows in place before you start work.

Consider Commercial Door Systems

Install commercial door systems into your office building if you want to bring in more natural light without spending a lot of money. Most notably, these systems include overhead doors and rolling doors that can be installed on the outside of a building and open out to bring more natural light inside.

If you want to bring more natural light into your office building without spending a lot of cash, use windows and skylights. You’ll be surprised at how enjoyable the workday is once you have natural lighting to brighten up the room and make it more cheery.

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