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  • Things To Know Before Buying Fantastic Mountain Bikes

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If you are a fan of mountain bikes (MTB), then you must be having the desire to own one. However, not everyone can purchase fantastic mountain bikes without knowing all the aspects associated with it. Hence, this article will help you to be educated about the aspects to take care of before finalizing your choice of MTB bike.


  • Trail Bikes: With the suspension ranging between 120mm-160mm, manufacturers designed these bike types to sustain on rocky and technical terrain at high speed and heavy drops or falls on the rough surfaces. These bikes can roll over tough surfaces without much difficulty.
  • Cross-Country Bikes: These fantastic mountain bikes are light in weight and can take quick speed when paddled more within less time. These bikes are good for terrain surfaces.
  • Fat-Tire Bikes: These bikes are specially designed as an off-road bike with over the normal size of tyres, which are variedly designed for different surfaces, i.e. unstable terrain, snow, sand, logs, mud, etc.
  • All-Mountain Bikes: Manufacturers designed them for off-road cycling purpose. However, the advanced features in this type of bike increase its durability and performance on rough surfaces.
  • Downhill Bikes: They come with full suspension, which is designed to ride the bike on the downhill. Mountaineering bikers prefer these fantastic mountain bikes for its durability and stability features.
mountain bicycle buying guide

Mountain Bicycle Buying Guide


  • Suspension: In order to describe the suspension of an MTB bike, the fork and shock are the two crucial parts of the bike’s suspension. There are varied types of suspension found in MTB bikes.
  • Rigid: This rigid type of suspension bike is cost-effective and easy to maintain and ride, too. Most riders prefer rigid bike types.
  • Hardtail: These types of hardtail suspension bikes comprise the fork in the front in order to absorb all the influence put on the front wheel of the bike.
  • Full Suspension: These types of fantastic mountain bikes comes with the fork in the front and shock on the rear side. They show an outstanding impact on the rider by increasing the pressure on the surface these bikes are rolling on, thereby resulting in an enjoyable ride.
  • Wheel Size: In standard bike types, 26-inch wheels are preferred as the basic wheel size, whereas 29-inch wheels are best for speed purpose. Apart from the two sizes, 27.5-inch wheels are also one of the most sought after choices for these fantastic mountain bikes.
  • Materials Used for Frame: MTB bikes are made from a special material for durability and strength. Aluminium alloy is the most preferred material used in the preparation of the frame of the MTB bike. Some of the other materials used for the frame building are steel, titanium, as well as carbon fibre.
  • Gears: Gears in these bikes play a crucial role in its easy cruising on the rough surfaces. Gears are the chainrings along with the multiplied number of sprockets. The MTB bikes have gears starting from single to around 30 counts of them.
  • Brakes: Basically, there are two kinds of mountain bike braking systems: disc brakes and rim brakes. Rim brakes were primarily used, but disc brakes have replaced them in all types of fantastic mountain bikes. Rim brakes are applied by friction pads to the rim part of the rotating wheel resulting in gradually slowing down the bikes. However, disc brake system comprises a disc attached to the wheel that slows down the bike by creating friction between the brake pads being by pressing them against the disc by a calliper.
  • Fit & Comfortable: The right bike for the right height of the biker is always preferred before everything. A biker, at first, usually checks whether the bike is a perfect fit for his or her use.

Wrapping it Up-

Considering all these aspects and types, we hope that it will be easy for you to ascertain which mountain bike to be purchased.

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