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  • How Sleep Helps Your Health

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Encourage memory formation and learning – Save study time – your brain will work hard to solidify memories while you sleep.

Regulates mental and emotional Health – sleep helps you overcome challenges with more resilience.

Keeps Your Immune System Strong – You’re more likely to get sick when you’re not asleep, which can mean missing out on social activities, classes, and other important events.

Supports Physical Health – Sleep helps regulate metabolism and many other bodily functions.

Improve your productivity – Quality sleep increases productivity, freeing up time for friends, hobbies, or more sleep.

Help you stay alert and safe – Falling asleep in class can be uncomfortable, but falling asleep at work or driving can be dangerous.

Top tips for students

Nap! A 15- to 45-minute nap can give you energy, make you more alert, and improve your mental performance. But beware: naps longer than 45 minutes (after deep sleep) can make you more dizzy and tired! Avoid afternoon and night naps, which can interrupt your sleep. It’s a myth that you can make up for lost sleep, and that erratic waking times wreak havoc on your circadian rhythm. If you wake up at noon on the weekends, it can be challenging to fall asleep before 4 a.m. To better prepare your mind, get 7-9 hours of sleep, but even a few hours of sleep are better than none. You may also like to have a look on Candida diet and weight loss that matters a lot.

Difficulty falling asleep

Turn off screens 30 to 60 minutes before bed: Watching your TV, computer, or tablet screen can disrupt your natural sleep-wake cycle and make it harder to fall asleep. If you can’t turn off the technology, dim the screen, put your phone on silent, or use the “Do Not Disturb” option on your phone. Exercise regularly to create more restful sleep but avoid exercising within two hours of bedtime, as it can be too energizing.

Reconsider your drink

Caffeine and alcohol can interrupt your sleep. Caffeine stays in your system for up to eight hours and can keep you awake. Alcohol, although it can make you tired, reduces the length and quality of your sleep. Improper diet can also cause problems in sleeping. There is a complete guide on Paleo food list that is very effective and healthy for everyone. If you think you want to live healthy, Check it out before it is too late.

Create a positive sleep environment

Think cold, dark, and calm! Use thick curtains or an eye mask to block the light and a white noise machine or earplugs to reduce the noise. Clear your mind and relax.

When sleep is a problem

If you don’t fall asleep twenty minutes before bedtime, try reading or doing something relaxing until you feel more tired. Try using an online REM (rapid eye movement) cycle monitor to help you determine the best time to wake up based on your bedtime. It can help you wake up to a lighter phase of sleep, leaving you more rested.

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