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  • Get Relieved from NDA 2019 Exam Phobia with these Exam Stress Buster Tips

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The NDA 2019 exam is round the corner. You might be busy mugging in the books but between all those mugging sessions, analysing your performance and making last minutes notes there is one thing that might affect your performance during the NDA 2019 exam and that is stress. During your preparation as well as during the exam, stress is one of the most obvious factors that can come around and hamper your performance. Don’t let stress get over you.

No matter how much hours you have invested before the exam, if you are stressed out, you can’t give your best. Certain questions will pop up in your mind regarding your performance, like what if you don’t know the answers? What if you won’t be able to attempt all the questions? But hey, this is the common human tendency. You don’t have to worry a lot. It is all up to how well you have prepared, how well you are familiar with the exam pattern and the most important thing – are you confident enough? So just keep your cool, follow the below-mentioned exam buster tips for NDA 2019 and you will definitely conquer it.

Revise revise revise till you succeed

What you have studied already is enough, it’s advised to not start a new topic. Just revise what you’ve prepared without miss a day. Revise your notes one night before the exam and in the morning before heading out to the centre.

Solve previous year question papers

Solve previous year exam papers thoroughly. Don’t worry if your NDA preparation isn’t complete, just start solving previous year’s question papers and it will help you in increasing your efficiency, accuracy and speed.

Eat well and maintain your diet

Take balance food intake so that you don’t have to suffer the wrath of bad health and unnecessary health-related setbacks on the exam-day. Healthy food fills you up with the required energy and will keep you up and active during the NDA 2019 exam.

Plenty of sleep

The most essential thing after healthy food is a night of healthy sleep. Start taking plenty of sleep 2-3 days before the NDA 2019 exam as these are those stressful days where you need your brain to function well and keep you focused.

Avoid toxic people

The best exam stress buster is avoiding negative people. This is the perfect time to skip such kind of people as they can pull you off from your NDA 2019 conquering voyage. Negative people might influence your thoughts and this is a big NO when it comes to the d-day of your NDA 2019 exam.

Stay positive and keep your self motivated

Just remember the position, achievement and the perks you will achieve after you crack NDA 2019 and when you will become an NDA officer. The only person who will keep you motivated all the way is you, yourself. Do meditation, involve in religious practices, go to a temple of other divine places, wake up early and just wander in the park or other places where you can find fresh air in abundance.

Speak with people you like

Your Mom, Dad, Friend, Life partner any family member or close friend will listen to you patiently and will also guide you through the tense time. Having a conversation with them will fill you up with positivity and will work as an exam stress buster.

A round of gaming is not bad

The best exam stress buster is getting involved in what is your favourite activity. PUBG? Candy Crush? FIFA 2019? Watching a movie? A round of gaming is not bad during the preparation stage to ease off and let the stress loose. But remember don’t log in for long hours.

Listen to your favourite music

Music can calm your senses and acts as the best exam stress buster. Your favourite tracks will make you feel good in-between short breaks or while commuting to the exam centre.

If you have enough time then keep yourself away from the books a couple of hours before the exam commences. Make your arrangements ready for the NDA 2019 exam day – keep an extra pen with yourself, don’t forget to carry your hall ticket and take loads of blessings from the deity and your elders.

Good luck!

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