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Physical therapy helps with a wide variety of issues. If you have never been to one, or you are dealing with an injury you want to recover from, there are numerous physical therapy clinics in Highlands Louisville. However, not all of them are the same, so you want to find one that is right for you. A physical therapist is a trained healthcare professional who works with problems related to the soft tissues and joints. No matter where you are experiencing pain, injury or lack of mobility, PT can help.

Reasons You Should Get a Physical Therapist

Many people may think of physical therapy for pain, such as back, neck or knee pain. Although PT is great for back pain treatment and other discomforts, it is also effective for various other issues:

Improvement of mobility and flexibility

Mobility and flexibility reduce due to various reasons. The strengthening and stretching exercises used in physical therapy help improve range of motion, which helps improve flexibility.

Injury recovery

Injuries are a major reasons people seek out physical therapy. Along with pain management, PT helps strengthen areas weakened by injury. Some common injuries PT can help with include tennis elbow, sprains and strains, pulled groin muscles, knee injuries, shoulder injuries and tendonitis. Physical therapy is popular with athletes to help them recover quickly from sport-related injuries.

Fall prevention

As people age, their coordination and balance begin to decrease. PT helps the aging population regain balance, and they can also recommend devices to help decrease the chances of falling.

Avoidance of surgery

Surgery is invasive, and it should be a last approach. Physical therapy helps improve injuries and function, which helps prevent surgery. In the event someone does need surgery, PT helps with post-surgical recovery.

Management of various health conditions

Physical therapy is effective with various conditions, such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Some PTs also specialize in areas like pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence and lymphedema.

Athletic performance improvement

Physical therapy helps athletes recover from injury, but it also helps improve their performance. Regular PT can improve strength, endurance, agility, explosiveness and coordination.

How To Determine Which PT is Right for You

When looking for the best physical therapy near me, keep in mind that one PT may be better for one individual than another one. Determine why you want physical therapy, whether it is for injury recovery, improved overall function, pain management, surgery prevention or athletic improvement. Then search for a PT who works or specializes in this area, keeping in mind that many do a wide variety of therapies to help clients.

A physical therapist should perform an initial exam to determine the best treatment plan. This plan will usually involve a combination of treatments such as manual therapy, dry needling therapy, orthopedics, aquatic therapy, trigger point therapy, performance training, rehabilitative exercises, and blood flow restriction training. A PT may also assign exercises for you to do at home.

Physical therapy is effective for many issues. Ultimately, you should feel comfortable with the therapist you choose so you get the best results.

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